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2017 Tesla Model X reader test team review

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This July, Tesla will celebrate its 14th anniversary. In that relatively short time, its Model S luxury car, which we award four stars, has helped to give established manufacturers the proverbial kick up the backside to get more electric cars onto British roads

Tesla is continuing to blaze a trail here with its new Model X, the first electric SUV to go on sale. Although pricey, costing from £84,900, it’s claimed to offer a very rounded package: practicality, advanced technology that includes the ability to drive itself, a driving range of up to 351 miles, low running costs and unrivalled performance. Too good to be true? What Car? readers find out.

Kuldip Sidhu

Age: 53 Job: IT consultant Drives: Porsche Cayenne

“My Cayenne is a diesel, and although it’s a great car, I think that diesels will be extinct soon.

“I like SUVs because you get a high driving position, lots of space, they’re good around town and on the motorway and you can take them off road if you need to.

“You can have the Model X with five, six or seven seats, which is great, and it’s very practically laid out inside. The boot is big enough, and the rear seats fold flat. Plus, because there’s no engine, there’s a storage space under the bonnet.

“If you’re more than 6ft tall, you won’t have enough head room in the third-row seats. It’s great for children, though, and all the other seats are spacious.

“I thought the huge iPad-style touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard would be distracting when you’re driving, but you don’t really notice it. You just enjoy the comfy ride and excellent visibility.

“I live in London, so there’s plenty of Tesla Superchargers near me, and they have them at motorway service stations and attractions. However, I didn’t realise that charging at Superchargers is no longer free, which is disappointing.”

[Source:- Whatcar]

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