AIDA launches revamped mobile app to cruise customers

AIDA launches revamped mobile app to cruise customers

AIDA has updated its mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

The new generation now includes a live feed from on board the ships.

With the free app, users can for the first time experience an AIDA cruise in real time: Live news from on board, from the Theatrium, the restaurants and the sun deck, as well as photos from the current destinations, create a vacation atmosphere and make it possible to experience an AIDA cruise from your smartphone.

When is the next AIDA family gathering?

With the app, the position and speed of every ship in the AIDA fleet can be viewed.


This way, AIDA guests and fans know when and where sister ships will meet.

Want to feel just like the captain does? No problem!

The on-board webcams let you enjoy the same view which the captain has from the bridge, directly on your smartphone.

High-definition panoramic images let you enjoy a 360° tour, while clear deck plans allow you to familiarize yourself with the ships and cabins in detail.

The AIDA app also lets you explore the latest routes and destinations at the touch of your screen.


[Source:- breakingtravelnews]

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