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Danske Spil A/S

Danske Spil A/S offers entertainment facilities. The Company provides lottery, casino, bingo, horse racing, poker, and also sports betting facilities. Danske Spil assists clients throughout Denmark. It is the nationwide lottery in Denmark, initiated in 1948.

The 1st game was reputable May 8, 1949, and also was a 1-X-2 TOTO game with 12 matches of football. Today this company, before recognized as Dansk Tipstjeneste A/S, provides a number of games: Numeral games, knowledge games, instant games, and also gambling on their machines. Let’s now know in detail about the company below…

Company Description

Danske Spil A/S is situated in Brøndby, Hovedstaden, Denmark, and also is essential for the Gambling Industry. Danske Spil A/S has 350 workers in this area and also creates $22.66 million in deals (USD). There are 284 organizations in the Danske Spil A/S corporate family.

Brief Details About Danske Spil A/S

Danske Spil is Denmark’s largest playground at the crossroads between entertainment, marketing, technology, and also finance. Or that approximately 2.8 million is distributed every day. kroner from the profits of Danske lottery games as distribution funds for sports, culture, research, and much more.

As an employee, you will be both a star and also a teammate on a team with more than 400 enthusiasts who go to work every day to win the battle for the Danish gaming market. In collaboration with your leaders, you and also your colleagues get as much freedom as possible to achieve the goals – and also create sharper careers for yourself.

Every year, we create a societal surplus of over 2.5 billion. Only through strong cooperation and also an indomitable winning mentality can we together lift our responsibility and also ensure that we can continue to win the battle and also deliver entertainment and also excitement for the joy and also benefit of all Danes. Do you want to join the team?

The group consists of six companies: Danske Spil A / S, Elite Gaming A / S (slot machines), Danske Lotteri Spil A / S, Danske Licens Spil A / S, CEGO ApS and Swush.com. See more about the Danske Spils A / S group here: om.danskespil.

Contact Details Of Danske Spil:


Danske Spil A/S




Brøndby, Copenhagen





Official Address: 

Korsdalsvej, 135, DK-2605 Brøndby

Visiting address:     

Korsdalsvej 135, DK-260 Brøndby




Capital Region of Denmark




+45 36728080

Email Address:

Not Provided

Subsidiary company to:

Departementet (DK), Finansministeriet

Industry 1:          

B92 Gambling, poker, and also betting activities –

92000 Gambling and betting activities

The Company After The Liberalisation In 2012


On January 1, 2012, Denmark was one of the main nations in Europe to free the market for betting. Up to that point, just Danske Spil had a permit in Denmark, yet the law was just working in principle. After the progression, Danske Spil needed to rival other betting organizations like Ladbrokes and also Bet365, yet Danske Spil kept a portion of their restrictive rights.

Model: Danske Spil is the lone organization in Denmark, which is permitted to offer to bet including just karma barring gambling club games. This implies that scratch cards, bingo, etc just can be offered by Danske Spil.

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