Goya Foods Inc Company Profile

Founded In: 1973

Annual Revenue 2018: $1.54 billion USD

Employee No.: 4,000

Phone: (201) 348-4900

Website: www.goya.com

Address: 350 County Rd, Jersey City​, NJ, 07307-4503, United States

Goya Foods Inc:

Goya Foods Inc. is an American maker of a brand of food sources sold in the United States and many Hispanic countries. It calls itself “the biggest U.S. Hispanic-claimed food company” and “is presently one of the main hotspots for genuine Latin cooking” agreeing to Fox Business. It has offices in various pieces of the United States, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Spain. It is under third-age responsibility for family and is settled in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States.

Goya Foods Inc makes and disperses numerous real, quality driven items that appeal to explicit clients who are searching for key fixings, flavor, and bundling necessities.

Established in 1936 by Spanish migrants, Goya Foods, Inc. is the biggest Hispanic-claimed food organization in the United States and the chief hotspot for genuine Latin cooking. Joined with real fixings, hearty flavors, and helpful arrangements, Goya Foods furnishes shoppers with more than 2,500 superior grade and reasonable food items from the Caribbean, Mexico, Spain, Central, and South America.

Company Description:

The biggest Hispanic-possessed food organization in the US, Goya Foods Inc produces more than 2,500 Hispanic and Caribbean staple things, including canned grains and beans, canned meats, refreshments, cooking oils, and olives. Its item portfolio was sold by discount clubs and different retailers. Goya Foods Inc sells many rice styles and a wide scope of beans and peas under the Goya and Vanilla brand names. The organization’s refreshments incorporate tropical natural product nectars, juices, tropical soft drinks, and espresso. Goya Foods Inc is possessed and worked by the Unanue family, which established the organization in 1936. Generally speaking, it has a presence in Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central, and South America.


Wear Prudencio Unanue and spouse. Goya Foods Inc was established in 1933 (some sources guarantee 1936), by Prudencio Unanue Ortiz (1886–1976) from Valle de Mena, Spain. Prudencio moved to Puerto Rico, where he met and wedded Carolina Casal (1890–1984), likewise a Spanish worker; they later moved to New York City. The family had initially opened a little store called “Unanue and Sons” in 1922; notwithstanding, it was changed over to discount during the 1930s. Prudencio bought the “Goya” name from a Moroccan sardine organization since he accepted that his last name was too hard to even think about articulating for American clients and furthermore preferred the relationship to Spanish artist Francisco Goya.

At the point when Prudencio Unanue kicked the bucket in 1976, he left Goya Foods Inc to his sons, Joseph, Charles, Francisco, and Anthony. Upon his dad’s passing, Joseph A. Unanue got CEO of Goya Foods Inc, at that point a minuscule, $8.5 million company. As president and CEO of the organization, Joseph imparted control to his sibling Francisco, who filled in as leader of Goya de Puerto Rico Inc., answerable for a significant part of the organization’s assembling activities. Joseph A. Unanue’s child, Joseph F. Unanue, was ahead supervisor and VP of Goya de Puerto Rico from 1989 to 1996, when he turned into a leader VP at the organization’s New Jersey, expecting to be the No. 2 situations in the organization; he passed on two years after the fact.

During Joseph A. Unanue’s very long time at the top of the organization, Goya developed to turn into a significant corporation. By 1998, the organization created around 800 food things (counting rice, beans, sauces, and flavors), had 2,000 workers, and about $700 million in income. Joseph A. Unanue was expelled from his situation as Goya Foods Inc executive and CEO in 2014, in the midst of a fight in the Unanue family about the course of the organization. At the hour of Joseph A. Unanue’s ouster, Goya

Foods were producing from $750 million to more than $1 billion in income. Joseph’s son Andy Unanue, the chief working officer of the organization, additionally left Goya in the midst of the disagreement, prompting litigation. Robert Unanue and his cousin Francisco Unanue settled on the choice to eliminate Andy, who had recently been viewed as the “beneficiary clear” to Goya. Joseph Unanue held a huge stake in the organization, and held a seat on its board; he passed on in 2013. Robert Unanue has been the CEO since 2004. The breaking of Goya’s possession among its authors’ relatives has habitually prompted debates about the organization’s technique.

In 2012, the organization started development on a $127 million dissemination community in the industrial Meadowlands area of Jersey City, supported by state tax incentives that helped the organization in its move from Secaucus to the Jersey City site.

In 2019, Goya Foods Inc had talks with The Carlyle Group about a potential buyout; the organization eventually chose not to offer itself to The Carlyle Group.


Goya Foods Inc makes and conveys items from Spanish, Puerto Rican, Caribbean, Mexican, Cuban, and Central and South American food. Their items are sold in stores and supermarket chains all through the United States, Puerto Rico, and worldwide business sectors. In 2006, Forbes ranked Goya 355th on its rundown of the biggest privately owned businesses in the United States.

Somewhere in the range of 2014 and 2016 Goya Foods Inc opened five new offices including assembling and conveyance focuses situated in New Jersey, Texas, California, and Georgia to satisfy rising customer need. Right now, Goya Foods is settled on a 40-section of land (16 ha) parcel in Jersey City, New Jersey. Goya additionally works as an assembling office in San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic, and a dispersion community in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

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