Microsoft to Launch Next Flagship Lumia Smartphone Alongside Windows 10



As we come closer to Microsoft Windows 10 launch this summer, a new report now states that the Redmond-based tech firm will unveil its flagship Lumia smartphone alongside the OS launch. To specify, Microsoft has thus far only revealed a ‘summer’ release date for Windows 10.

The news comes from Ajey Mehta, Managing Director, Microsoft Mobile Devices, who added that the market won’t see a Lumia flagship device launched for roughly the next two quarters. Microsoft will be launching high-end mobile devices only whenWindows 10 hits the market. “We believe we have to offer the best possible experience to the consumers. Once we are ready with Windows 10 and our devices, that is the right time to launch,” he said while speaking to Indian Express. “People are looking for signature experiences and it is very important for us to offer those signature experiences.”

Mehta however, did not give any details on when the company plans to launch the Windows 10 OS or the flagship device he talked about. Mehta says that users in future would be sticking with one large screen instead of carrying around multiple screens. “We are selling the experience. We are selling the services too. It is a whole consumer offer… and the Windows Phone operating system has its own advantages,” Mehta said.

“We clearly focussed our strategy on the affordable Lumia and launched nine devices in the sub-Rs 20,000 segment,” Mehta added, while stating that the company’s focus was on budget smartphones last year.

Also according to Mehta, the Lumia 535 surpassed the success of its predecessors, the Lumia 510 and Lumia 520, and has proven to be the most popular Lumia until date. The smartphone was launched at Rs. 9,199



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