Report: HTC to release a phablet following the Aero’s launch

A report out of Vietnam this morning says that the rumored HTC Aero won’t be the only new handset to come from the manufacturer’s redesign plans. According to HTC Vietnam, the company will be producing a phablet with more new features and a unique hardware design. HTC has traditionally offered different variants of its flagship device, such as theHTC One max, and the HTC One M9+, so offering a phablet version of the Aero would not be totally out of character for HTC.
Report: HTC to release a phablet following the Aero's launch
The current HTC flagship model, the HTC One M9, has been a sales and financial disaster for the company. Since releasing the device, HTC has had its worst April in six years, which helped end a string of four consecutive profitable quarters.

As a result of the disappointing HTC One M9 sales, company CEO Cher Wang announced last month that it would offer a redesigned “Hero” phone this October. The new flagship has been subsequently dubbed the HTC Aero.


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