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13 Steps to Building a Deck

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Very often, most of us want a deck in our house but due to a lack of technical know-how, we decide to buy one instead of making it ourselves. However, if we try a little harder, we all will find that building a deck is a home improvement project that most of us are more than capable of doing. All it takes is some simple sequential steps and some basic carpentry skills.

Today, a wide variety of deck related building materials, are available in the market that one can use to build his own deck in as much as a weekend.

The entire process of deck construction can be divided into 6 elements: concrete footings, wooden posts, a support board, beams, joists and decking. One can choose either of the 3 popular constructing. A deck building process normally involves certain procedures like preparing the design, buying the required materials, laying out the building locations and installing the ledger board and support posts. After that one needs to attach the beams and nail the decking boards so that they can be trimmed. Final step involves installing any options such as railings, benches and stair steps. It is also advised that one should consult with the municipal building department so that construction conforms to local construction bylaws.

Make sure that you remove any outdoor furniture, slabs or other items from the site prior to construction. Holes can either be dug with hand or machine. Once the holes are dug, they are filled with concrete and support hardware is fixed in place. You can install the decking either with nails or screws and trim edges of the boards to hide the cut ends on it.Steps and railings on the outside of the deck can be then constructed. You can also choose to build a skirting as it will prevent small animals from creating problems in the future.

A good deck can alwaysbe complemented with a good old barbecue and a couple of container plants to create a very special outdoor living area which the whole family can enjoy. Next time, when you need quality decks in Calgary, Think Beast. Their seamless decks are tough enough to withstand any type of weather and with a seamless quality that gives your home a pristine look. With a team of experienced deck builders having years of accumulated knowledge, at Think Beast, you get your job done to your complete satisfaction.Think Beast works hard to make sure your home looks best.

So, whether you need a beautiful new deck, great railing options, one of our custom spiral staircases, creative surface options for your deck, garage, or basement surface, or a durable deck coating, just give a call and consider it done.

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