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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Antivirus

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Antivirus software has long been regarded as the most important line of defense in protecting a company against cyberthreats, but that’s a policy being challenged as more and more businesses move their essential services to the cloud. And while the movement towards cloud-based solutions is making many reconsider the weight of importance we assign to antivirus solutions, that doesn’t mean they should be abandoned. Practically every business with an online presence needs to continue making use of antivirus software. Here’s why.

1. It Can Be Part of a Larger Security Plan

There are a variety of different cyber security options on the market, but businesses are sometimes mistaken in believing that there’s a one-size-fits-all solution for protecting their networks and individual computers. The truth is that each of these security solutions plays an important role in a larger security ecosystem. Virtual private networks are one of the most rapidly developing tools for protecting businesses from intrusion, and there’s a reason for that. They essentially push the line of defense forward by providing an extra mask of protection for machines. But that doesn’t mean that antivirus should be neglected. While VPNs and other cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly important, they won’t do any good if a virus makes its way onto a local system. VPNs and traditional antivirus software are platforms that offer complementary services without redundancies.

2. Security Breaches Are Alarmingly Prevalent

The conflict between cyber criminals and those trying to stop them is a Cold War, and new threats arise practically every day. That means that antivirus is a necessity, but finding a security company that keeps their libraries and databases properly updated is just as crucial. The startling truth is that over half of small- to medium-sized businesses have suffered a data breach within the past year. A large part of that is complacency. Owners of more modestly sized businesses often think that they’re too small to be of much consequence to hackers, but the opposite is true. That’s because a smaller company can be infected as a way of breaking in to larger partners. The weakest link in the chain is always the most vulnerable, and smaller businesses that become complacent with their security could end up being complicit in a sweeping data breach, making antivirus for small businesses very important.

3. Breaches Can Be Incredibly Costly

Having your security compromised is not an issue you can just shrug off. Two out of five businesses that suffered a data breach ended up losing over a fifth of their revenues as a result. That’s a huge chunk of change, but it’s not as worrying as the impact that a cyber attack can have on your company’s reputation. The same study demonstrated that 40% of companies that experienced a breach also lost a fifth of their customers. Customers are especially wary about having their private information compromised, and a company that can’t take proper precautions is likely to lose a huge amount of consumer confidence.

While antivirus is a practical necessity for just about any business, that doesn’t mean that all antivirus platforms are created equally. There are a number of things to consider when choosing the antivirus solution that’s ideal for your business, and the right option for you will vary depending on your particular needs. Be sure to consider your options carefully and consider them in the context of your larger security apparatus rather than as a singular solution. antivirus for small businesses.

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