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3 SciFi Technologies That Are About to Get Amazingly Real

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3 SciFi Technologies That Are About to Get Amazingly Real

Lisa Su, the talented new CEO for AMD, last week gave a pitch on the future to get people excited about where AMD is going. Based on the stock performance after her talk, she and her team knocked it out of the park. However, they also got me thinking about some technological advancements that have been quietly percolating, which likely will form the basis for a revolutionary announcement in the next few years.

Three technologies that are tied to other efforts, are getting close to breaking free — and while they aren’t quite the rocket belt stuff that I’d hoped to be able to write about, they aren’t far off from being that amazing.

I’ll close with my product of the week: the new Surface 3 tablet, which is a showcase for both Microsoft and Intel, and really will shine with Windows 10.

Telepresence Windows

This idea has been floating around for some time (particularly as a prank), and it is the idea that I could have windows that look out into anyplace in the world regardless of where I lived. What is making this finally possible is the drop in cost for 4K panels, so you can have a window-quality view, and the wide availability of high-enough bandwidth to constantly stream 4K video.

Just last week I met with one startup still in stealth that is planning to sell large framed displays that will look like pictures but stream high-definition art, pictures, or even videos into the frames, and that isn’t a far cry from windows.

Microsoft is fielding a high-quality collaboration display called “Surface Hub,” which is basically a window into another conference room. An HP Halo wall system installed a few years ago at DreamWorks did pretty much the same thing.

Imagine having a door you could open and look into the home of your parents, kids, or significant other. You can create one today by putting a large screen TV on its edge — I saw this demonstrated a few years back.

We are very close to seeing folks offer you windows into magnificent views anyplace in the world. You could wake up to sunrise in the Himalayas, a view from a lighthouse in the stormy Atlantic, or even a streamed feed from the Mars rover (granted, it would be time delayed)



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