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4 Career Options for Those Who Don’t Want to Go to College

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There are a number of reasons why people decide to go to college. Whether it’s to pursue a degree in a subject which they are hugely passionate about, to experience life away from home and be dependent upon their own survival skills, or simply for the opportunity to meet new, likeminded people, college is a popular destination for young adults looking to begin the first chapter of their grown-up lives.

However, college isn’t for everyone, and not going to college doesn’t mean that you are being consigned to a lifetime of underachievement and unfulfilling employment. There are a number of excellent career opportunities available that don’t require any kind of college education. These are careers that just about anyone can pursue, regardless of their prior qualifications.

In this article we take a look at just 4 of the many career options which are available to people who have no interest in going to college.

Heavy Vehicle Cargo Transport

Trucking is one of the most quintessentially American jobs out there. Owing to the massive size of the United States, rail freight is limited, and much of the US can only be served the old-fashioned way; over road. As such, the American trucking industry is still very much alive and kicking. The life of a trucker is a unique one; the job involves long stretches on the road, often spending entire days driving between destinations. In return, you get excellent pay and the opportunity to see all the sights that the USA has to offer across its varied landscapes.

HVAC Technician

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technician is an excellent career choice for those who enjoy engineering and working with machines. HVAC technicians work in both residential and commercial spaces in order to repair and maintain these systems.

If you are interested in a potential career working with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, then check out best-hvactraining.com to find out more about the training required.

Retail Supervisor

The role of retail supervisor is an excellent one for those who have their high school diploma and who have good leadership skills. Retail supervisors are there to ensure that the junior or base level retail staff are able to perform their jobs properly.They are there to both delegate tasks to other workers and also to ensure that they have the support they need when they need it. A retail supervisor is not quite a management position, but it is a sure step on the way to one. The duties of a retail supervisor often involve elements of budgeting, accounting, purchasing, and personnel in addition to the standard supervisory duties.

Food Service Manager

The role of food service manager is analogous to that of the retail supervisor, except this time in a restaurant setting. Food service managers are there to act as both the customer-facing representative of the restaurant, as well as the conduit between the customers and waitressing staff out front, and the kitchen staff out back. It is up to the restaurant manager to ensure that all the different staff are working harmoniously and that customers are kept happy.

Foregoing the college experience definitely doesn’t preclude you from pursuing a rewarding and enjoyable career. Perhaps your passions just aren’t all that academic, or maybe you want to get out into the world and start living rather than heading off to college.Whatever your reasons, there are always career options out there for those willing to look.

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