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4 Tips for Creating a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

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Despite the high rate of success enjoyed by SMS marketing in general, planning and execution must be on point to see impressive results. This is, of course, universally true for all marketing or promotional campaigns launched on any platform. Up next, we will briefly go through some of the key factors and suggestions that are crucial for creating and running a successful text marketing campaign.

The Right Software

You need the right software to identify, plan, and send mass texts to the right people for creating brand/product/party awareness, boosting conversion rates, generating funds, sending alerts, and much more. Always choose the SMS/MMS software based on what they are planning to promote. For example, Tatango’s blog on election campaign text messages explains this in more detail. In fact, if you follow the link, you will find a detailed, step by step guide on how to plan the various stages of any text marketing campaign with political agendas.

Therefore, marketers with political clients, representative candidates, event managers, political action committees (PAC), and other relevant organizations find it both easier and intuitive to work with a software that has already been fine-tuned to provide them with all the tools they might need for planning and running political promotions and fundraisers.

Interconnective Compatibility is Essential

SMS is just one medium of what are usually multifaceted, multidirectional, marketing/branding/political campaigns. Text cannot or rather should not be treated as a separate effort because it needs to synchronize with the rest of the mediums in seamless efficiency. Choose a text marketing application that supports seamless syncing with other software applications that the campaign is using to boost their overall effectiveness in digital marketing.

Short, Precise, and Powerful Messaging

There is definitely scope for large, informative pieces of content in digital marketing, but texts are not ideal for that. Instead, SMS marketing heavily relies on short, precise, but powerful call to action messages. When this is done well, election campaign text messages are widely noted for being the fastest medium for generating significant funding within a very short amount of time.

Take the name Short Messenger Service (SMS) literally and avoid sending unnecessarily long texts. Also, every text message sent must be in perfect alignment with the campaign’s overall motto, message, or goal. Omission can be permitted here for the sake of brevity, but contradiction cannot be allowed to slip through.

Shorten the Links

A call-to-action button is always a tappable or clickable link, but it should ideally be embedded into a powerful keyword-based anchor. Even if the link is kept visible, it must be shortened before delivery. It can be done manually, but your SMS marketing software should be capable of shortening a visible link do it automatically before sending the message out.

SMS marketing has the potential to get through and reach across all generations; something that is sorely lacking in any other digital marketing medium. This wide accessibility is the prime reason behind text marketing’s high success rate, but SMS is not infallible either. The factors mentioned cannot be ignored, if one’s SMS marketing investments are to provide returns that they expect.

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