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5 Signs You Need Repairs for Your Gas Stove

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Many people prefer the use of gas stoves for their ability to create an even heat for cooking. There are times they can have difficulties and need repair. Below are five signs that you might need to call in a service technician to get the appliance working right.

Pilot Lights Will Not Stay Lit

The pilot lights are what make turning a gas stove burner and oven easier to light. When these will not stay burning, it makes the task of lighting each burner individually a pain. This is usually due to a build-up of carbon. You can have these quickly cleaned and operational in no time.

Burners Keep Going Out

If there is no gas leak or outage, having the burners continuously go out as you use them indicates they might also need the build-up of carbon cleaned out. This can also be seen by having only partial burners stay on. It may be time to have the service technician do a thorough clean on all burners.

Oven Is Not Emitting Even Flame

If the oven is difficult to light and emits uneven flames, this is yet another sign that you need to have the openings cleaned of carbon build-up. This is not something that has to be done too often, but the frequency will be greater the more the appliance is used.

Oven Quits Working

If the oven quits working altogether there may be a deeper issue that needs to be looked at. If the top burners fail to light as well, check that the gas service is still on and that there are no leaks outside. A leak will evident by the smell of rotten eggs.

Unexpected Gas Leak

An unexpected gas leak at the back of the stove can be caused by a defect with the appliance or a break in the gas line. Immediately shut the gas off and call for service assistance. Call the gas company if it is a leak on the outside of the home. This will be a problem that they will have to fix.

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