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6 Helpful Tips for Choosing Wedding Table Runners

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A table runner could be the perfect wedding gift solution. If you have a wedding of a close relative or friend or if you are yourself getting married, the table runner could be the perfect gift which the bride could use as a regular table runner after marriage. A table runner uplifts the beauty of the dining table and at the same time, reflects elegance in your choice.

Choosing a wedding table runner can be a difficult job with so many colours and materials to choose from, even though you are pretty serious about the table décor and the rest of the decorations for the big day. There are several crucial aspects you have to consider before settling down to a choice. Therefore, the things which you need to keep in mind are:

  • Size matters! Before heading out to buy a table runner, make sure you are clear about the dimensions of the table. You wouldn’t want an ill-fitting runner that hangs at the sides of the table on one hand and is short on another side on the other hand. To be accurate, measure the size of the tables you are working with. If the tables are not your own, contact the venue and enquire about the size of the tables they are going to be laid on the final day. Be sure to get the measurements of not only the guest tables but also the tables used for the cake and the food, the escort table, the guest card table, the gifts’ table and the one where the bride and groom would sit. Note down the size of all the different tables alongside the names and remember to bring the list during consultation.
  • Budget matters! Linens for table runners can start from a basic pricing of $12 each for the regular polyester floor length ones to the $150 each for high end luxurious linen. Therefore, having an idea of the budget will save you time and give the shop owner an idea of the kind of product you are looking for. Nothing can be possibly worse than desiring linen which is leaps and bounds away from your budget.
  • Another important thing to consider is the type of different linen you require. See if you need only wedding table runner or do you require napkins, or accent pieces like sashes, overlays, chair covers, chargers, and the like. Once you have decided and have an idea of the things you require, calculate the total budget you need to stay put into. Do not be worried about having a very low budget as professional linen companies make a wide range of materials that cater to the needs of every type of budget or they are capable of providing you with the idea of how to make the most of your budget.
  • Having a particular type of table runners creates a statement about the personality of the organiser. It all depends upon the colours, patterns and materials you select. For instance, in an evening wedding, silk dupioni table runners in rich colours like aubergine are a marvellous choice. If, for example, the bride is wearing a crystal neck-piece, you can add sparkle to the tables by adding a line of crystals drops along the edge of the runner or have crystal candle-stands flanked by orchids which will create a very elegant feel for the environment.
  • Weddings with a homespun feel are in vogue at the moment. You can, for this type of decoration, get crocheted runners. Get these in white as they are cool and homey at the same time. While having crocheted table runner for all tables would be an overwhelming thing to do, making one for only a significant table can be a fantastic gifting idea. To accentuate the beauty of the crocheted runner, choose delicate centrepieces to go with it like slim silver vases, white hobnail pitchers, and glasses.
  • If you want to keep it minimalistic avoiding the secondary decorations, you can get table runners with a bold design which will heighten the glamour in the snap of a finger. For instance, you may have a baroque designed table runner in a bold combination like white and black which is a stunning and classic combination. For a day time wedding, you can have a 60′s inspired pop printed table runners in bright colours. To add harmony to this monochromatic flowers.
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