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6 Ways to Successfully Reduce Headaches

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It’s common for many people to turn to over-the-counter pain killers when experiencing a headache. However, there are other treatment options to alleviate a headache over popping a pill. Find out the best ways to successfully reduce headaches.

  1. Improve Sleep

Sleep deprivation could be the cause of troublesome headaches. Everyone should strive to enjoy between 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night and stick to the same schedule every day.This means going to bed and waking at the same time every day, and don’t alter the pattern on weekends. Avoid sleep deprivation by staying off electronics and don’t consume too much caffeine or liquids before bed.

  1. Take a Well-Earned Break

A busy lifestyle can often lead to a tension headache that will slow you down. It’s your body’s way of combating your body’s lifestyle and is a sign that you need to relax. When a tension headache strikes, take a well-earned break and remove yourself from a stressful environment. Go for a walk to enjoy some fresh air in the great outdoors, which can alleviate the pain.

  1. Consider Cannabidiol

Enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana with none of the highs with marijuana ejuice, also known as cannabidiol (CBD). It offers many of the superb health benefits of the medical cannabis, but you will not experience the buzz. The ejuice not only eases headaches, but it can reduce anxiety, lowers blood pressure and may even treat cancer. The hemp CBD oil is legal in all 50 US states and laboratory tested.

  1. Relaxation Techniques

Rather than relying on an over-the-counter medication, try one or more relaxation techniques that may prevent a stress headache. For instance, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing encourage slow, deep breaths, which can allow your body to say goodbye to stress and, in turn, a headache. Other relaxation methods that might be effective could be listening to music, going on a hike or a relaxing exercise such as tai chi or yoga.

  1. Consume Nuts

Instead of opting for a pill, why not consume some delicious nuts, instead? One nut variety believed to help reduce tension headaches are almonds, as they are a natural and healthy alternative to medications. Almonds contain salicin, which is a natural pain reliever that is often found in an over-the-counter medication. So, enjoy a handful of the nuts and you may soon be headache-free. However, people who experience migraines should avoid almonds, which can be a trigger food.

  1. Drink Fish Oil

Studies have found that drinking fish oil can reduce headaches and migraines, as it contains omega-3 fatty acids that aid heart health. The ingredient can also lower blood pressure, create a steady heart rhythm, reduce inflammation and prevent blood clotting, which can all reduce head pain. Aim to drink one tablespoon of fish oil or consume a fish oil oral supplement. If you choose to drink oil, mix one tablespoon into a glass of cold orange juice before drinking. You can also consume natural fish oil sources, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines and anchovies.

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