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6 ways to keep yourself entertained when traveling

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If you are a frequent flyer, you’ll know that travel can be boring. Sure, the holiday or the amazing city break or sealing that big deal for your business at the end makes it all worthwhile, but the getting from A to B bit can be boring as hell.

Whether it is being cooped up for hours on end on a long-haul flight or waiting for what feels like days at a concrete jungle of an airport, there isn’t much fun to be had when traveling.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of six ways to keep yourself entertained while traveling.


A thriller straight from the New York Times Best Sellers list will soon have the time passing, especially if you are the sort of person who once they pick up a page turner, becomes so engrossed in it that they can’t put it down. If books aren’t for you, then grab a newspaper or browse a news site such as Councilchronicle.Com. Not only will it keep you entertained, but it will also get you up-to-date on current affairs as well.

Catch up on work

If you are traveling for business, chances are you’ll have a ton of work to do at the same time. Why not use the time you spend traveling to do that? Find a quiet corner of an airport or get your laptop or tablet out on that long-distance train and hammer through what needs to be done. Not only will you be avoiding boredom, but by getting the work done while nothing else is going on, you might find yourself with more time to spend enjoying the destination you are heading to, rather than having to work when you get there.

Grab something to eat

We all know that boredom eating is bad, but if you’ve got an hour to kill waiting somewhere, then why not have your dinner there and then? Just like using your traveling time to catch up on work, slotting a meal in when you have nothing else to do can free up more time for leisure activities for when you are at your actual destination.

People watch

You don’t find many places that bring people from different background, countries, religions, jobs and classes like travel hubs do. That can make people watching a fascinating experience and you will be sure to see plenty of interesting things which will certainly help to pass the time.

Chat to someone

Yes, we know most people are keen to avoid talking to strangers when they’re traveling – but why not try striking up a conversation? You never know, that person next to you on the flight might want to talk to you just as much as you want to talk to them. You could even end up with a new friend out of it afterwards, all from a simple “Hello”.

Do a puzzle

Being bored isn’t good for our brains. The brain is a muscle that needs exercising, so use the time to give it the workout it needs by taking on a crossword or sudoku puzzle. When you are stuck with five down or which row the number nine is meant to be in, the time will soon fly by.

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