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7 Things to Never Forget If You Wish to Be A Good Rummy Player

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Playing rummy is one thing and becoming a good rummy player is quite a different thing. Most people play rummy just for fun. They do not bother to understand the complicated strategies that help winners be ahead of others in this card game. However, if you wish to beat opponents in rummy tournaments, you should know what makes a winner in rummy card game different from others. Here we have listed out 7 things you should never forget if you wish to be a good rummy player. Read along and share your views regarding these points we have shared. Feel free to add more if you have suggestions.

Always Be Open to Learning New Rummy Strategies

After playing rummy well a few times, do not become overconfident about your rummy gaming skills. Overconfidence prevents you from keeping an open mind. It stops your ability to learn new rummy strategies. This may cause you to lose in Indian Rummy games with others who are constantly learning. That is why you should vow to yourself never to stop learning new rummy strategies. Each time you come across a player who is better than you, try to understand what makes him or her better. Try to inculcate his skills in your daily rummy sessions. This will make you a better rummy player.

Keep the Practice Going

Practice makes a person perfect. This rule applies even to rummy card games. A person who frequently practices rummy card games is exposed to more challenging situations in the game. This causes the player to constantly improvise on his rummy gaming skills. If you do not find friends to practice your rummy card games with then download and install the Khelplay Rummy app. This app will allow you to practice rummy card games anytime and anywhere. The app is convenient and user-friendly. It also uses rummy terminology that is easy to understand and grasp. The app is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Download this app on your phone and start practising rummy right away.

Know How to Use the Jokers

It is very important to understand the right use of jokers in rummy card games. There are basically two types of jokers in rummy card games. The first is the joker cards that exist in the deck. Some people also use the blanks as jokers in Indian rummy games. The second category is that of pulled-out jokers. The player next to the dealer pulls out a random card from the deck. If he pulls out a Jack of clubs then all Jacks can be used as pulled-out jokers. The best part about jokers is that they can be used to complete melds as well as artificial sequences. This is the reason why having more jokers increase your chance of winning the rummy card game. A good rummy player knows how to make the wise use of joker cards.

Organising Can Be Crucial

Organising is an important skill visible in all the good rummy players. If a player does not organise his cards well, he may have difficulty deciding his moves. That is why all the good players arrange the cards in a peculiar fashion. This assists their memory. They place the cards to be disposed to one end of their hand. They place the joker cards to the other end of the hand. The cards that are in action are placed at the centre of the hand. This ensures that the cards in action hold maximum visual space.

Points Management is Important

The importance of points management can vary based on the type of rummy card game you are playing. In Points Rummy, winning the game quickly is of prime importance. However, in series rummy card games, how you manage your points also matters. The players need to be constantly alert about the cards in their hands. During each move, they should try to reduce the points in the hand. If they are unable to pick any useful card during their turn, they should at least be able to dispose useless cards. This will take them closer to success in series rummy card games.

Observe Opponent Moves

Just as you need to be mindful about your moves, you should also be observant about the opponent moves. Observe what the opponent disposes during his turn. This will provide an insight into the cards the opponent holds in his hands. If the opponent is disposing low point cards, this could imply that his hand is close to completion. If the opponent is disposing jokers, it could imply that he is having difficulty completing his pure sequence. Each move has meaning and expert players try to understand the meanings of these moves.

Take Only Wise Risks

Risk taking is good but you should be wise with the risks you are taking. You should take calculated risks. Evaluate your chances of winning in a game of rummy based on the cards in your hand. If the chances are bleak at the very beginning, you may choose first drop. You will be charged minimal points but you won’t lose this way. Suppose the cards at the beginning of the game are good but later you feel that you may lose the game, you can choose second drop. The points charged for second drop are double the points charged for first drop. However, it is still less compared to the points charged for a full hand. That is why you may go for this option in a series rummy card game. You may lose one round but end up winning the entire series.

Khelplay Rummy is a wonderful rummy gaming app where you can practice your rummy skills. There are several different variations of rummy card games on this app. You can try each of these to challenge yourself. It is sure to improve your skills in rummy gaming. It will also help you compete with other experts in rummy card games. Go ahead and download the Khelplay Rummy app now!

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