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Anabolic steroids-Jack of all trades

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Anabolic steroids are drugs that are made synthetically to mimic the natural androgenic or male hormone such as testosterone. They are extensively employed by sportspersons especially athletes and weightlifters and even the footballers with the hope to enhance the androgenic properties of power and aggressiveness in themselves. Athletes desire to gain speed and vigor. These steroids have gained more fame with an exponential increase in the fitness enthusiasts all over the world. They are essentially produced by altering the structure of testosterone at various locations most of the times to enhance the anabolic properties and keeping the androgenic effects as low as possible.

How do the anabolic steroids work?

Testosterone specifically has two different pronounced effects on a male body. Anabolic effect that helps enhance the development of muscle and bone, neural conditions and increase red blood cells in number to name a few. Whereas, the androgenic effect is responsible for the development of the secondary sexual characteristics.A number of anabolic steroids are made today like Stanozolol steroid, Oxandrolone steroid, etc.keeping only the anabolic properties of the hormone intact so as to help build muscles and tissues in the consumer while the androgenic properties are kept restricted. But it is true that that the androgenic effects cannot be eliminated completely as anabolism is a wing to the androgenic effects of the hormone itself.

One steroid-various uses

Anabolic steroids can be used for a plethora of uses besides weight loss also. The physiological functions of these are not only restrictedto temporal locations, but they also act on a whole host of reproductive and nonproductive tissues which includes bone, adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, brain, prostate, liver and also kidney. Which makes anabolic steroids potent to treat a host of conditions clinically; like several forms of anemia, wounds and burns, protein-calorie malnutrition, severe burns, osteoporosis. All these kept aside sports sector still remains the largest user of the anabolic steroids. They are used in cycles and in optimized doses which depends on factors like sex, weight and age for maximizing the effects.

Making a smart choice is very important

As it is said by many people that our bodies are our temples so choosing the most efficient and least harmful agent is of utmost importance. Nomatter how good the anabolic steroid is, the androgenic effects cannot be completely dissociated from it which makes it a humongous task to select the best from the rest. The adverse effects come only with the exploit of your resources and these vary with age and sex of the individual the duration of the consumption and also on the dose of the steroid. There are some anabolic steroids like Stanozolol Steroid in the market that not only help build muscle mass but are used clinically against hereditary angioedema which may be result of the swelling of intestinal walls,  face, throat or genitals. It is always better to use a drug that is easily available in the market and can be optimized for dosage otherwise continuing it sometimes becomes a problem.

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