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Authentic African Experiences not to be missed in South Africa

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South Africa is a dream destination for anyone looking to enjoy all that Africa has to offer, without venturing into the desolate plains in the heart of the continent. From the breathtaking African sunsets and the welcoming and warm African people, to the authentic African experiences on offer; South Africa is the ideal place to tick off every one of Africa’s ‘bucket list’ experiences.

While South Africa is incredibly beautiful, with so much to see and do; it is also a country with deep, fascinating history; a strong culture and warm, loving people. To experience this incredible country in the finest way, look at our useful guide to authentic African experiences not to be missed while travelling through South Africa.

  1. Go on a wildlife safari

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There shouldn’t be any wonder as to how a wildlife safari made it to this list – it is probably one of the most authentic African experiences there is, and luckily you’ll be able to enjoy an authentic safari in South Africa. Just outside of Johannesburg you’ll find the Kruger National Park which is the favorite when it comes to wildlife safaris, in fact, it sits right up there with the likes of Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania; some of the most incredible safari destinations on the continent. Another fantastic option for those travelling near to Cape Town is the Karoo. There are many amazing safari experiences to be found here.

  1. Visit the Karoo

We had to elaborate a little on the Karoo as it is such a beautiful part of South Africa – a place you should definitely visit while in the country! You’ll find stunning luxury accommodation in the Karoo, which offer unparalleled experiences such as wildlife safaris as mentioned above, as well as scenic drives and nature walks. It is the ultimate place to relax in the lap of luxury, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It gives one a true perspective of what the rest of Africa is really like in the national parks and wildlife concessions where nature plays out in its purest form under the warm African sun.

  1. Witness an African sunset

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Africa is known to have some of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world and you’re able to experience this phenomenon in South Africa. Whether you are having sundowners on the beaches of Durban, picnicking in Johannesburg, or taking a sunset cable car up Table Mountain in Cape Town, it doesn’t matter how you enjoy this magical sight, so long as you are paying attention! Table Mountain in Cape Town seems to be the favorite spot for sunset, as it offers an experience truly spectacular and one that you will never forget. Not only are the views unparalleled, but it is also one of the world’s newest 7 Wonders of Nature, and might we add; once it’s in your heart it will remain there forever!

  1. Take a Township Tour

If this isn’t an authentic African experience, then I don’t know what is! Township tours are not only fascinating, but it gives you a good idea of the warm loving nature of the African people. They are so welcoming and hospitable, even though life is not easy in the townships. It will also allow you to see and experience the way of life for most people in Africa. In the townships, culture and tradition runs deep and it is certainly touching to experience this first hand. Hopefully you get to see the traditional African wear or get to witness their beautiful dancing. However, we wouldn’t recommend you visit the townships alone, but rather be accompanied by a guide who is familiar with where to go.

  1. Visit Robben Island

Source: Unesco

Hopefully Cape Town is on your itinerary while you’re venturing through south Africa, because visiting Robben Island is a must! This is because Robben Island is world-renown, as it’s home to the prison where Nelson Mandela served 18 years of his 27-year sentence. Ferries depart from Robben Island from the Nelson Mandela Gateway at the V&A Waterfront daily at three scheduled time slots. Whilst waiting you can hear the hustle and bustle around you, and the feeling of great excitement that starts building up amongst the eager visitors. During your tour you will visit Mandela’s jail cell and get to see the exact conditions he lived under. The ferry trip back is just a spectacular as you face Table Mountain in all its majestic beauty surrounded by our beautiful coast line.

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