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Benefits of designing a garden in the 2 room apartment

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The smaller a house the more necessary it is to get a free space around your apartment. The best utilitarian purpose you can serve with this open space is to get a well planned garden. Gardening around your house or a two room apartment comes with multiple benefits. If it is just a two room apartment there is really a need to get gardening in to a practice.


Fresh air: The small cosy size of a house also becomes claustrophobic. Especially the apartments which are usually very little in size you’ll hardly get a free space. A garden gives you a provision of a fresh air. The trees or plants that you plant in your garden can give you fresh air in the scorching summer heat thus cooling your rooms. Try planting some small trees around your apartment capable of providing airy feeling to your residence.

Colourful appearance: If you have the instinct of planting the seasonal flowers in the balcony of your two roomed apartment, it will give an added vibrant colour to your flat. The beautiful coloured flowers actually look enamouring when they bloom in the specific seasons. They also add to the beauty of the apartment which otherwise looks dull from outside. In order to decorate your apartment with a new form of interior art, gardening is the best option to choose. Your apartment gets a colourful and decorative appearance.

Cool the surroundings: The summer is the time when you are greatly affected by the scorching heat of the sun. The plants transpire and let the water settle on the leaves. The evaporation of this water by the heat of the Sun acts efficiently in cooling the surroundings. The plants are therefore an effective agent in acting as a cooling agent. Sitting in the gardened area in your apartment thus makes you feel cool and comfortable in the intolerable heat of summer. The evaporation of water droplets also helps in rainfall in the surrounding areas thus relieving the people from the humid weather.

A place to relax: If your apartment is in the ground floor, you actually get an entire amount of space around the building to form your garden. This can be the place where the children of the building or the aged people and even young men and women can spend and relax in the evening enjoying the cool weather around. With the fall of the evening the weather tends to get cooler especially around the plants and soft breeze blowing through the leaves adds to the pleasant feel around the place. You can just sit back and spend the evening or the afternoon in your garden.

Garden as a dumping ground of biodegradable waste: With the scarcity of space dumping the regular waste also becomes difficult. You can ensure that the biodegradable waste from your kitchen can act as the fertiliser for your garden. You can put in the waste in your garden and cover them up with the soil which gets degraded naturally and becomes a fertiliser for your plants in the garden. You thus do not need to worry about where to get rid of some of these wastes.

Clean air around: the plants are an active agent in purification of air around. They are the agent which helps in providing fresh supply of oxygen to the surrounding. A small two room apartment is a place where a fresh supply of oxygen is needed to lead a healthy life. The new charged up air adds a fresh feel to the inhabitants thus making life healthy. Check out some houses for sale in Bhopal for some clean backyard and good investment offers.

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