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Breeder’s Cup – What You Must Know About The Esteemed Horse Race Event!

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Horse racing is one o the most sophisticated as well as oldest sports there are. There are different types of racing patterns, and some people are very interested in the racing games for the prize money as well as the entertainment factor associated with them. There are different types of competition which are on the international level that you can participate in. If you are a breeder, you would be very much interested in the various races where you can get recognition as a capable breeder as well as trainer. One of the top racing competition patterns is the breeder’s cup which is noted among the highest international prestige for horse owners.

The breeder’s cup

Held during November, the breeder’s cup is a very prestigious cup for breeders across the world. The prize money is enormous, and so is the recognition as a breeder. The victor would get a check of 3.3 million dollars and would be considered the best of the breeders on an international level. The game would be held for two days, and there is a total of 28 million dollars to be won here in the various events under this game. You can get to see the finest horses from across the world as well as the multiple ways in which they have been trained by their owners to be successful in such international competition. The 2017 event would be held at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club in San Diego. The place would be staging the event for the first time since this cup was introduced.

The event schedule

There would be 13 races in total for the two days. There would be 4races on the first day, and the highlight of the event would be the Longines distaff. These races would be bringing together the finest of the fillies and mares from across the world and would be competing for the championship showdown over 1 1/8 miles. The racing ends with the breeders cup classic o the second day. The classic is a must watch and a defining horse race that you cannot miss. This race draws the top thoroughbreds of the world every year.

Why is this special?

People across the world have brought thoroughbreds across North America and Europe for participating in this race. You can see some of the best-trained thoroughbreds of America during the race. Since the inception of the breeder’s cup in 1984, it has established itself in the horse racing history as one of the most prestigious awards of all time. The prize money and the prestige associated with the game together make it one of the most special and popular among the breeders.

It can be concluded that the breeder’s cup is a major event in the horse racing season and some breeders across the world look forward to it. It is a thoroughly entertaining event for the people who are interested in horse breeding across the globe.

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