CBSE Class 10 results: To be declared by end of May



The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is expected to declare the All India results for Class 10 board exams in the third week of May.

It is possible that the board will divide the results into phases before declaring the All India results. The CBSE is likely to release the results in three regional phases. Chennai in the first phase, Patna in the second and Bhubaneswar in the third. The CBSE is expected to declare the All India results on May 27.

Approximately 13.7 lakh students who appeared for the Class 10 board exams are waiting for their results. There was an increase in the number of students who took the examination this year with about 50,000 more candidates as compared to the 2014 board exams. The Class 12 examination was taken by a total of 10.4 lakh students, out of which about 4.3 lakh were girls and over 6 lakh were boys.

The examination was conducted from March 2 to March 26. It began with the Technology paper on the first day and concluded with the Language papers on the last day of exams. The results are likely to be released on either May 19 or May 20.

Regarding the Class 12 board exams this year, the students and schools were concerned due to the unexpected difficulty level. The Physics and Mathematics exams caused a lot of trouble for the candidates, and even led certain schools to approach the board





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