CBSE takes an initiative to celebrate International Yoga Day in schools

CBSE schools encourage yoga to its extent


Yoga is one of the prominent activities in our lives. It helps to calm the mind through reinstate mental liveliness. Now, CBSE had sent a report to schools to conduct programmes on International Yoga day i.e. on June 21.

The board had passed a report to schools to inspect the day on June 21. Different schools are participating and conducting programmes before a day i.e. on Saturday. The report includes “As part of your observance, you may encourage students and motivate them to participate in the yoga demonstration from 7 a.m. to 7.35 a.m. This being a momentous occasion, you are requested to offer your full cooperation and devoted efforts in making the celebrations a grand success.”

According to a report in The Hindu, T.P.M. Ibrahim Khan, President of the CBSE School Management Association said, “Yoga is part of the extra curricular activities in many schools. It’s an Indian system sans any religious colour. We will go by the board’s circular but will be organising the sessions on Saturday instead of Sunday. The sessions will also be recorded.” The schools are required to send a feedback report to CBSE about the day





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