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Charles Nucci talks about the importance of good ecommerce photography

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There’s no doubt that ecommerce has completely changed the manner in which businesses now operate. While on one hand it does mean that it’s much easier for individuals to start a company, as they don’t have those bricks and mortar obstacles, at the same time there are a few other costs to take into account to ensure that your store keeps up with the competition.

As the title of today’s post might have already indicated, we’re now going to talk about ecommerce photography. According to Charles Nucci, this is one of the most important areas that a business can invest in. Let’s now take a look at some of the reasons this is the case, and why you should be pledging more of your budget towards your product photography.

It’s difficult to describe a product in words alone

One of the main reasons you should be looking to invest in your product photography is because it’s so difficult to describe a product in words. Sure, your company might have paid for its own content or copy team, but even for the very best writers out there it’s difficult to describe an item that the user can’t ultimately see in the flesh.

This is one of the reasons why it’s so crucial to invest in different photography angles. Nowadays, one angle isn’t enough. The user needs to feel as though they are sat next to the product, and this means shots from multiple perspectives. In fact, if budget allows, try and provide a 360 overview of the product.

The authority factor

Another reason why companies are so keen to invest in this area is because good photography adds authority. When a customer can clearly see that a business has spent a decent amount of money on their photographs (and let’s be honest, it’s pretty obvious), suddenly their opinion of them as a reputable source for said products skyrockets.

This is something that should not be underestimated. At the same time, customers are becoming savvier to stock photography. This means that your brand needs to have its own identity when it comes to its photography.

It can differentiate you from the competition

Finally, don’t underestimate photography from a unique selling point of view. For example, your store might sell the exact same products as thousands of others across the internet, and the high street for that matter. This is the case with sporting items, amongst many others.

However, if these same stores are just showing the “standard” image and not allowing the user to explore a product in the truest sense, this prompts a fantastic opportunity for you. You can show users every element of a product, from as many angles as your camera allows. By doing this, and ultimately providing a little more information to the end consumer, your chances of them converting increases significantly. At the end of the day, this is the primary aim of photography when it comes to ecommerce platforms.

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