Class 12 students will receive marks if they’ve got the gist of the topic: Teachers


After appearing for those tough CBSE Board exams, class XII students can now breathe freely. Teachers evaluating the papers say that the marking schemes are more generous, this year. They have received instructions to award marks, if it seems like the student has “got the gist” of the topic.

The challenging part of this year’s evaluation, however, is the application based questions. The perception of the teacher may not match that of the student. This could result in the student not receiving any marks for the question. Application based questions are usually for four marks, which is a full percentage point in the aggregate required for admission.

The Board received a large number of people from schools after the exams. They complained about the Economics paper along with the Physics and the Mathematics papers.

Teachers across the country agree that the marking scheme is rather pro-student. For the Mathematics paper, marks are being awarded for early steps in a solution. If the step was for half a mark earlier, it will now be for one mark. Students who have attempted questions but weren’t able to finish them are not losing out on much.

Despite the leniency, chances of marks on the higher side of 90 are slim. Engineering coaching institutes are demanding the board’s final decision on the Maths paper to be public as it will affect their marks in the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) too. The Maths paper has been the biggest contributor to the student’s worries this exam season.



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