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How to be Confident and to Let Go of Crippling Anxiety and Fear

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It leeches the life out of you, and it cripples your ability to take on all the opportunities that present in your life. No wonder you aren’t as successful as your peers.

Confidence, and the lack of, that is what we are talking about. Lack of confidence stems from the fear of the unknown, anxiety, and your mind succumbing to the negative thoughts. Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it is the only way to go about it.

Don’t you think you could have followed your dreams and your passion if you had the confidence to and if you could ride over your fears? You could be the accident and injury lawyer sitting in the corner office if you had the confidence to.

But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot rise above your fears and anxiety to become who you should be. Confidence, like other skills, is acquired and developed.

So, how do you acquire confidence?

  1. Give your mediocre behaviors

Successful and unsuccessful people speak, think and carry themselves differently. Unfortunately, it is easy to spot the two with most people practicing mediocrity and following substandard routines.

Here is the catch, successful and confident people weren’t born that way, they were made, or they made themselves. You have to act to be successful and confident. Confident in your ideas, thinking, and your attitude.

If you want to be like them, grow, nurture, and train confidence/ success. Like any other skill, you have to be intentional and deliberate. Do you think that you can model your behavior after that successful person? Do it

If you want to be fit, the internet has astonishing examples which will motivate and guide you.

  1. What problem can you solve?

Problems are your best friend. You cannot be successful and confident if you don’t find a problem you can solve. You need to welcome problems as opportunities and not adversaries.

Note that avoiding problems leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth, as well as a bad reputation, and your level of integrity will leave your soles fast. You also become afraid and anxious about the future.

Going after and solving problems makes you a reputable and a respectable problem solver.

You lack confidence because you believe you cannot do it.  You can eat healthier, wake up earlier, meet targets at work, and you can drink less.

  1. The best time to act is when you are frightened

Fear gives you immense power towards success because you want to get over the fear.

Some of the most successful marketers or players fear being on the stage (phone) doing what they need to do. Some of the best speakers get anxiety and panic attacks, as well as stage fright when their turn comes but, they don’t run off, they ride through the pain and the fear giving breathtaking performances.

You should, therefore, learn to act when you are terrified. Don’t let the fear to melt away that is an opportunity lost.

You always become confident if you do that thing you fear the most.

  1. Be You

It is tempting to think about what others are doing better than you are. But, have a little faith in yourself. You also need to find great role models who can guide you through the roughest situations. Find someone to keep you grounded.

Otherwise, fear and anxiety will wash away the little confidence you gathered.

  1. Is it adding value to your life?

Anything that doesn’t add value to your life will subtract something else from your life.  You need to fill your life with supportive, positive and healing influences rather than the garbage that drags you down.

Media, the environment, people, and behaviors influence your life.

Bonus tips

  • Dress in a confident manner
  • Stand straight
  • Keep your head and your chin up
  • Stop fidgeting
  • Smile more
  • Keep hands out of your pocket
  • Accept your mistakes
  • Do something you love
  • Spend time with yourself
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Read more and widen your knowledge base

You can be that confident, secure and confident person you admire. You just have to act. Ride on fear/ anxiety, solve problems, and have positive influences in life.

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