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Crossy Road Now Available on Windows Phone and PC

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With Windows Phone being mostly ignored by the developer world, finding great apps is exceedingly tough for the platform’s many fans.

Which is why every year right after Build, Microsoft’s premier event for developers, we’re treated to a flurry of activity related to Windows Phone. Previously, popular, mainstream apps like Flipboard have found their way onto Microsoft’s tile UI powered devices. This year sees smash hit Crossy Road being made available for Windows Phone acolytes, specifically those running Windows Phone 8.1

And it’s not just for Windows Phone either. A terse announcement on the Windows blog states that Windows 8.1 users can also partake in helping cats, goats, dragons, and fleas cross the road, train tracks, and rivers, among other things for the magic price of free, as the app is a universal one. While it might sound simple, the game released to almost universal critical acclaim and even spawned Skatelander, a game inspired by it made by Indian studio Underdogs.

For many a mobile game enthusiast, Crossy Road was a breath of fresh air, what with addictive gameplay and extremely fair monetisation mechanics that never hampered your time playing. Now, Windows users can see what the fuss is about.

However, for many a casual smartphone user, this announcement means very little. But if you’re the sort who is deeply embedded in the Windows ecosystem, as many are in India, it seems like a signal of intent from Microsoft that it indeed still has some skin in the game when it comes to making Windows Phone a decent alternative in a market traditionally dominated by iOS and Android


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