Darwin travel agent Xana Kamitsis committed to stand trial in Supreme Court on 132 fraud charges



Alexandra 'Xana' Kamitsis leaves court flanked by her lawyers


She had been charged with 148 counts of fraud but on Tuesday in the Darwin Magistrates Court the prosecution dropped 16 of them.

Magistrate Elizabeth Morris criticised prosecutor David Morters’ extensive files for being disorganised and said she could not find some of the statements referred to.

“None of the folios are right,” she said.

Defence lawyer Peter Maley said the files were an administrative “disaster”.

Kamitsis was arrested in November in connection with the alleged rorting of an airfare concession scheme for pensioners, and appeared in court in March charged with fraud and one count of stealing.

The prosecution requested the case be adjourned for two months, triggering a slanging match with the defence who argued prosecutors had been given enough time already.

Kamitsis has previously been linked to former NT police chief John McRoberts, who resigned in January after claims he had involved himself in a criminal investigation where his relationship with the subject of that investigation gave rise to a conflict of interest.

The ABC understands the criminal investigation related to Kamitsis.





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