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EaseUS A Free Data Recovery Software

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Data recovery is the new trend which has started as there are lots of the incidents where the data is lost out and the individual got haphazard. The situation seems to be the same in the upcoming recent years. The data is lost due to many reasons like damage of secondary storage, corrupt files, removal media, mal function in storage device and many are the causes of the lost files in day to day life.

Many software are available in the market for the data recovery and EaseUS data recovery software is the most popular of them to use up. It is free data recovery software available. It was established in the year 2004. It is leading international company which has established itself in the field of data backup, data recovery and risk management. All the functions which are required in the data recovery software are available in the EaseUS software. They have a very good and unique quality for recovering the data from all the situations easily. After a lot of research they were able to develop this technology. It has reached about to 200000000 users around the world and about in more than 160 countries. It is getting very popular with the upcoming trend.

 It can recover the data from many storage devices like hard disks, memory card, , MP4 players, pen drives etc. from any situation these files can be recovered.

Steps to recover deleted  files using EaseUS

  • Open the EaseUS data recovery Wizard.
  • Select the location where you lost your data like desktop, library, hard drive etc.
  • After this scanning will be started all your files which you have deleted or got deleted automatically.
  • After the quick scan deep scan will be started which will take longer time of the individual.
  • Specific file related to you will be opened up which the individual can preview.
  • After preview the individual can target the individual file for 1 file or can select list of files at one go also and click on the Recover button.
  • Individual will recover the required file which was lost.

Scanning The Files To Recover The Lost Data

There are two ways to which your file is scanned up quick scan and the deep scan. Quick scan taken very less time but deep scan takes very long time. The scanning is done to search the particular lost file. Any way the file is searched in quick access if not than on deep access on surety basis. The research result will give you the preview option before recovering  which makes it more user friendly as the correct file will be recover easily.

The EaseUS recovery software has been the good option for today’s generation and a strong tool. The file can be recovered after a very long time period also that is why it is also called file recovery software. It is suitable to the most of the individuals for their daily life. It is established software company to which the can go to. So if you have lost your files go for EaseUS.

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