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Essential guide for solo travellers

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Be it the search for solitude, for introspection, for some ‘me-time’ or be it just the urge to experience a sense of adventure, many people love to dash off to a destination alone. But if travelling solo has its perks, it has its share of risks, too. So here’s a list of ‘must dos’ you should follow to have a memorable trip.

Pack smart, pack light: When travelling solo, make sure you don’t pack your entire wardrobe. Pick the ones you might need the most, depending on your itinerary. Besides, a basic pair of denims and sports shoes, a jacket is ‘must pack’ irrespective of your destination.

Keep your essentials close to you: Make sure to carry all your essentials in your hand bag. IDs, money, medications, phone, power bank – all these and everything you might need in case of emergency must find place in your hand bag or your backpack.

Travel during day: Try and cover maximum sites during the day, to minimise the possibilities of getting stranded for lack of transport or encountering criminal elements. You may not want to take back a foul memory from the trip. It is always prudent to be safe.

Split your money: Don’t keep your cash and cards stashed together. Split them up in different bags, so that you don’t find yourself in trouble in case of loss of baggage.

Be speed-dial ready: Once you are alone on a trip, you are also on your own in the alien land. Save the phone numbers of your parents, friends, travel agent and police helpline on your speed dial.

Save on phone charge:
Also, keep your phone fully charged. Close all the apps not required during your journey. Use your camera not the phone, to click pictures. What are you carrying your DSLR for, after all? If you haven’t bought a power-bank yet, go get it. Not carrying a power source with your smart phone in today’s age is a sin.

Follow the map: Trust Google maps to show you the right path. Even the old school paper map will do, but don’t make your own calculations to get to a location you know nothing about.

Pick up the local dialect, at least a word or two: Learning a word or two (like please and thank you) of the local language always helps. Win over a local resident with friendliness (don’t be over-friendly), rather than depend on a guide.



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