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Find Out Just Why You Can’t Lose Weight and Build Lean Muscle Mass

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If your intention of enrolling into the local gym is to lose weight, you need to put in a fair amount of thought into planning how to approach it for the best results. While you will no doubt examine your exercise routine in great detail to ensure that you are performing the best possible exercises for losing weight and building lean muscle mass, you will also need to identify any mistakes being made that could prevent progress. Some of the more common mistakes that people tend to make while working out:

Not Eating Properly Before Hitting the Gym Floor

Many people labor under the mistaken belief that is it actually better not to eat anything before working out as all you would be doing is to burn the calories that you have consumed. However, remember that you can only lose weight and build muscle mass by working out intensively. This will not be possible unless you fuel your body with quick-digesting carbohydrates. Avoid complex carbs and fat-loaded foods as they are digested slowly and the calorie demand will be met by breaking down your muscle mass instead.

Eating Wrong After Working Out

After you have sweated it out, it can be very tempting to head to the shower, however, it is far more beneficial to stay back and refuel your body with a protein and carbohydrate shake. Your body is still burning calories and is most receptive to the delivery of amino acids required for muscle repair and building, while the carbs help to replenish the lost energy. Despite the obvious advantage of consuming protein, you should not make the mistake of having too much of it, as the excess will be converted to fat. Ideally, you should look to consume about 20 grams of protein with double that of carbs within 30 minutes of completing your workout. Try steroids of good quality to boost muscle gain.

Intensity of Workout Is Not Sufficient

Workout duration is not the same as workout intensity. For weight loss to be significant, instead of spending a couple of hours at the gym every day, it is far better to have shorter sessions of very high-intensity exercise followed by brief period of rest. Lifting weights is also a very good technique for increasing your metabolic rate required for losing weight and building lean muscle. If you are doing cardio, try to boost the speed by 10-15%, and you will notice a significant boost in calories burned.


It is important to know that you only build muscles when they are resting so you need to give every muscle group adequate time for recovery. Otherwise, the body starts producing cortisol, a hormone that increases your appetite and boosts storage of fat as the body anticipates a shortage of fuel; this is counterproductive to losing weight and fat burn. Taking rest does not mean not going to the gym, but you should ensure that you are not working out the same muscles two days consecutively. Use different exercises to work out different body parts instead.

Author Bio: Emily Aden is a sports medicine practitioner and a fitness enthusiast. She advises people wanting to lose weight and build bodies to exercise right, eat right, and take only trainer-recommended steroids.

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