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First Time In a Casino? Here’s Some Tips

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I spend a lot of my time traveling throughout the US and staying in some of the big hotels. Within many of these hotels there are casino floors where I like nothing more than passing some time, having some fun and gambling a little bit of money.

Just last week I was in the stunning Bicycle Casino Hotel in California which has the biggest casino floor in the West Coast, with all of the favorite games. Something which I often spot in these casinos are the first time visitors, you can spot them a mile of with their faces of fear and excitement rolled into one. Some people want to have fun in a casino but end up like a rabbit in the headlights when they actually enter. If you are going to a casino for the first time, here are some tips to help you out.


Before you go into the casino, have an idea for what kind of games it is that you want to play on. If you have absolutely no idea what kind of table you want to play then have a look online and try to understand the rules of each of the games a little. One of the best places to start is with either roulette or 21. Both of these games are easy to understand and there will be many tables available with these games on.

Asking The Question

Croupiers are more than aware that they get many people through their doors that have never been to a casino before and the large majority of them will be more than happy to help you. The key is not to be afraid of asking the croupier how to play a certain game or what the betting structure is.


When it comes to the amount of money which you want to spend, this will largely affect how you go about your business in the casino and you should make your mind up before you go in, just how much you want to spend. The best way to work out how much you are going to spend is to take a look at the worst case scenario that you lose everything, think about how much you can afford to lose and stick to it. The tables in a casino are for varying types of gamblers and if you are staying on the low end of things and just gambling for fun, a high roller table is not for you.

Know When To Leave

Casinos can be incredibly addictive and it is important that you know when to leave. You need to make sure that you have either set a time limit for when you will leave, an amount that you will be up by so that you can leave or, that you leave if you lose your money. If you lose your money and go for more, the casino have you right where they want you and you will become a victim of the casino.

Be smart, be safe and have fun!

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