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Fitness ideas for kids

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You may wonder why any child would require ideas for keeping fit, but in this digital age more and more children are sedentary in their activities. There are many ways you can introduce regular fitness activities into your children’s lives, and this guide will help you decide which activities and resources will be most suited to your kids.


A simple, but effective game, tag, is a wonderful way to get your children exercising without needing any equipment. This game is perfect for larger families or for extended family get-togethers. One person begins the game as being “on”. This person has to run after the other players attempting to touch them on the leg or arm. Once another person has been “tagged”, they become the person that is “on” and must chase the other players. The game continues until everyone has been “on”. There are many variations of this game, with some versions including bases where players are “safe” and cannot be tagged by the person who is on. If you use this version, it is advisable to have a rule that a player can only stay in base for a few seconds before having to run away again.

An outdoor trampoline

Bouncing around has never been so much fun! An outdoor trampoline is a great way to get children to play outdoors, and to exercise. There are many different sizes and shapes available, making it easy to choose the right size for your garden or yard. Before committing to a certain model of trampoline, it is worthwhile using a site like Trampolinify to weigh up the pros and cons of each model.This particular site explains the benefits of the different shapes available and gives advice about safety precautions and assembly.

Computer consoles

Yes, that’s right, kids can play video games and get fit at the same time. If your children are obsessed with video games, it can be difficult to convince them to do anything else. Wean them onto the idea of physical fitness with games they will love. Disney fans will jump at the chance to play Kinect Rush (A Disney Pixar Adventure), which sees them playing alongside some of their favourite Disney characters. Children over 12 can show their competitive side with the Wii Sports Resort that features archery, tennis, sword-fighting, basketball, and so many more!

Jump rope

Also known as a skipping rope, a jump rope will certainly keep your child fit. Used by athletes and soldiers, a jump rope can be used to skip in various ways, from simpler skipping methods,to more difficult skipping patterns that can be used as your child’s fitness level increases.One fun skipping game your child can try is neuron skipping. As they skip, your child chants “Neuron, neuron, in my brain, how many neurons will I gain?” They then count how many skips they can do without stopping, and the number is how many imaginary neurons they have accrued.Skipping can be enjoyed by all ages, and involves a very cheap piece of equipment so is affordable for all.

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