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Former Miss USA Tara Conner Feels Sorry For Current Beauty Contestants

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Vince McMahon (L) And Donald Trump

Former Miss USA Tara Conner says the current conflict of NCB and Univision with Donald Trump put the beauty contestants in a bad place. Aspiring and innocent beauty queens’ dreams may be taken away just because of this controversy, she said. Current Miss USA contestants also shared their ill-feelings.

Speaking with Page Six, the former Miss USA said that she really feels sorry for the current beauty queen aspirants, who have to put their dreams on hold as NBC and Univision dropped Donald Trump’s Miss Universe and Miss USA because of Trump’s “racist comments” against Mexican immigrants on his presidential bid. She added that with this conflict between the networks and Trump, people should be realising that the real victims in the situation are the beauty contestants, because they are innocent and just striving to achieve their dreams. “It’s not like the girls are competing [in the pageant] to get a job with Donald Trump. They’re competing for something different. These girls work really hard and they’re getting the short end of the stick,” she said. She added that politics should not be mixed with pageantry, certainly because the Miss USA is not going to run for president.

The observations of the former Miss USA are on point. Vanity Fair published a report stating how current pageant contestants feel about the statements made by Trump and the consequences affecting the pageantry. According to one contestant, Lizzy Olsen, who is also working as a full time majority director of operations for the Senate Committee of Environment and Public Works as she trains with three coaches in preparation for the pageant as Miss District of Columbia, she knew the moment Trump uttered his words, trouble would soon brew.

Trouble did brew, and it ended with Univision dropping the coverage of the prestigious event, followed by NBC. Lizzy Olsen shared that her grandma, who is her biggest fan, hand to cancel her plans to support her. She shared her ill-feelings about Trump as well, stating that she personally disagree with the statements made. She added that the organisation also had nothing to do with the racist comments and shared her belief that Trump is not really their “boss.”

Another contestant, Andrea Mucino, shared that being half Mexican, the comments really hurt her. She also realised how used she became to hearing people saying negative things about Mexicans. However, when Mexican people started to send her messages about quitting, especially after Mexico withdrew its entry from this year’s competition, she also realised that she cannot easily just walk away. She said they put too much heart and effort in to just give up.


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