How to Get The Same Effect Seen in Weight Loss Supplements but Via Inexpensive Foods!

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Weight loss supplements are big business these days, as so many of us look for things that will help in our fight to achieve the body we want. While many of them actually do have an effect, often, taking supplements can be expensive and can also even be dangerous, as reported here at Side Effect Answers.

However, the majority of legal weight loss supplements are actually based on things you can simply incorporate into your diet at far less expense. While it may not be as convenient as popping a pill, you can save a lot of money this way and still get the benefits, just by adapting what you eat and drink to include weight loss boosting compounds!

Green Tea

Green tea is a mainstay in weight loss supplements. It has been shown in studies to have some effect in promoting the mobilization of fat. Of course, you can take it as a supplement, but it is far cheaper and easier to simply enjoy it as a drink.

Green tea is a really good thing to brew and drink if you are on a diet, as it has no calories and doesn’t require milk or sugar to make it taste good. It has been shown to help with weight loss, but why buy a supplement when you can have an enjoyable, refreshing, and calorie-free drink that offers the same benefits just by boiling a kettle? Be wary of pre-prepared green tea drinks offered in stores, however, as these often have hidden calories.


Caffeine boosts your metabolic rate temporarily and is a component in a lot of weight loss supplements, as well as pre-workout supplements designed to optimize both your energy and fat burn during exercise.

However, if you can handle having coffee without milk or cream, and with either no sugar or a sweetener, then you can get the same benefits with no calories by simply drinking some black coffee. Those huge Starbucks lattes pack a whole lot of calories, but an espresso or simply a cup of instant coffee made at home gives you the caffeine boost you’d pay for from a pill with far less cost.


The capsicum in hot chili has been shown to stimulate the metabolism too. It is included in the formulas of many weight loss supplements. It causes a thermogenic reaction that makes your body work slightly harder at rest.

Of course, chilies are also a great ingredient for food, so the only reason to supplement with things that include them rather than just using them in your meals is if you don’t like the taste of hot foods. If you enjoy chilies, then use them in your recipes or sprinkle dried chili flakes on things like salads to get their benefits for a tiny cost!

There are reasons to buy supplements, but in many cases, you can get the same advantages by simply modifying your diet to include these ingredients for far less expense!

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