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What Happens at a Crime Scene?

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Unfortunately, a wide range of crimes occur every day and these crimes have to be investigated thoroughly. There is a process and specific steps every crime scene investigator must follow, so that they can piece together exactly what happened during a particular incident. Below are the main things that happen at a crime scene.

The Crime Scene is Secured

First of all, it’s essential to secure the crime scene and carry out the necessary work before the crime scene in question is cleaned up by a company like AdvancedBio-Treatment.com. This can be difficult to do at times because you may have emergency service professionals, such as paramedics, fire fighters, police officers and other people rushing around trying to help the people who are affected by a crime or trying to apprehend the person or people responsible for a particular crime.

As soon as it’s safe to do so, the exact area where the crime occurred needs to be blocked off so that the public, reporters and other individuals cannot remove any items or change the layout of the crime scene in question. At this point, it’s also essential to start talking to the people involved.

Interview Witnesses and the People Involved in the Incident

If other people are present when you reach the crime scene that were there when the incident took place, it’s crucial to interview them as quickly as possible while their memory of everything that took place is still fresh in their minds.

Important questions have to be asked including what happened, was a crime actually committed, who was involved and affected by the crime, and how did it take place. All of this information should be recorded, as should the details of each of the people who is interviewed, because they may need to give further statements and evidence at a later date.

Examine the Scene of the Crime

The crime scene then needs to be examined properly, and you need to look for evidence related to the crime. To do this, you should identify the area that the crime scene covers and create a diagram of the scene, so that you have a visual representation of it. Photographs should also be taken. These photographs give you an accurate image of what the crime scene looks like immediately after the crime has taken place.

Record, Collect and Submit All of the Evidence

After identifying the evidence and where this evidence is located, relevant items have to be formally recorded and collected. Fingerprints and other clues may be present on the evidence you collect, so it’s essential not to damage these items in question or change the state of the evidence you find. When you’re satisfied that everything is in order, you submit the evidence to the appropriate lab for examination.

Once all of the evidence has been collected and interviews have been carried out, the crime scene has to be cleaned up. In many instances, this is not a pleasant job, so you may need to call in professionals who are trained to do this work.

Working on a crime scene is a responsible job and you have to be certain you don’t make any mistakes. The points above are the main steps you need to take, so that you do a good job every time you investigate a crime.

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