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Hay Bale Spears and Successful Farming

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Hay bale spears are efficient tools for farmers and offer several important benefits. As most hay farmers know, stacking bales is tough, sweaty work. The packed hay becomes very heavy, and if they aren’t stacked just right, the entire formation could fall over. Other risks of not putting bales into stacks appropriately, mold could develop, or workers could be injured when bales fall out of position. With these concerns in mind, the convenience and advantages of bale spears become extremely valuable.

A Variety of Options in Bale Spears

There are a variety of options to consider. Some spears are tapered and fluted. Some have tilting features and hydraulic options. The various features may affect how many bales fit on the spear, how much weight the tool can hold, or how high the hay can be lifted.

Other features affect how the tool is attached to the tractor and how the attachment is powered. For example, fluted designs provide streamlined efficiency and increased strength. Tapered spears are easy to insert into and removed from bales. Talk to professionals at the bale spear tractor supply shop to learn more about the best tools for your farm.

Tips for Reducing Storage Losses

Once you’ve outfitted your farm with the right equipment, you should consider a few tips for reducing storage losses. If you’re leaving bales exposed to the weather, for example, you should use your bale spears to move the hay from the harvest site to the storage site quickly, to allow for uniform regrowth.

If you have round bales, places them in north and south rows with flat ends facing each other. Provide plenty of drainage and open air to reduce the potential for spoilage. Many experts recommend leaving at least three feet between the rows of bales to allow for plenty of airflow and sunlight.

Don’t Overlook Learning Opportunities

Successful farming begins and ends with the right equipment and strategies. Take advantage of any opportunity to learn more about this rewarding career.

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