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Here’s What to Do When Vacationing in Delhi with Kids

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What’s better than going on a little vacation with your family and kids, and taking that much-needed break from your routine? Well, choosing an apt vacation spot for the kids to find interest in might be tricky. You don’t want to take them to the same adventure or water parks that are quite commonly found everywhere these days. So, if you are planning on taking them on an informative yet fun and interesting trip to the capital city, then it’s an absolutely brilliant idea indeed! Taking them around ancient and important monuments and places in Delhi might prove to be a great choice when it comes to sowing some salient information into their heads while still spending some quality family time! Huddle up the kids, book flights from Hyderabad to Delhi today, and be sure to visit all the mentioned major attractions of Delhi.

India Gate

Indian Gate sure is one of the must-visits while in Delhi. Even kids need to witness landmark monuments like this before leaving the city. Although the major reason behind building the India Gate was as a memorial to the thousands of soldiers of the Indian Army that lost their lives in the First World War in France, the charming ‘triumphal arch’ architecture style of the monument makes it a place not to miss! So, do stop by this pride icon of the city and let your kids know its importance.

Red Fort

Located in the center of Delhi, the ancient Red Fort remained the main residence of the Mughal emperors for nearly 200 years back in the day! Built by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, the beautiful architecture of the entire fort with its huge enclosing walls of red sandstone make this monument a must-see. Not to forget, its significance of being the place where the Prime Minister of the country hoists the tricolored flag every year on Independence Day. This significant monument can prove to be a pleasant spot to stop by and admire the charming fort.

Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple, a special attraction of Delhi is also a place to catch the attention and interest of kids. Itsenormous flower-like structure and the whole ambiance is sure a sight to admire. With 27 free-standing marble shapes forming the petals of the building and nine doors of over 40 meters’ length opening to the center hall, its unique architecture is too gorgeous to be missed! So, head over to the Lotus Temple and admire its entirety before you head out of the city.

Qutab Minar

One among the famous ancient monuments of Delhi must be the Qutab Minar, of course! Qutab Minar is one of the monuments inside the Qutab complex standing about 240 feet tall with five stories. This tall historic tower structure architected with an alluring design consisting of a spiral staircase of over 300 steps is sure to attract your kids. Also, since epic structures like these with a capturing ancient aura about them are not very commonly found everywhere, Qutab Minarmust be on your list of places to visit when in Delhi.

Delhi sure has a lot many other destinations to offer for you to have an absolutely satisfactory vacation. With all the important places it holds, and fun spots like museums to offer significant ancient information, the capital city of Delhi is indeed a perfect spot to head over to with your kids! So, with these attractions added to your tour along with anticipation for a lot more from this charming city, reach out for travel portals like Yatra and get them to plan your comfortable little vacation for you online! Book flights from Hyderabad to Delhi today going light on your pockets and get ready to go on traveling, exploring, and making memories!

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