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Honeymoon ideas for all year round

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Choosing where you are going to go on honeymoon is usually decided by the time of year that you have chosen to marry, and if you are struggling to decide which location is best for your honeymoon, this handy guide can help. Whether you want a traditional sun-soaked vacation by the beach, or you would prefer and activity holiday, brimming with exciting things to see and do, this guide will be your go-to reference.

January to April

You have a wonderful choice of destinations at the beginning of the year, including Thailand, India and Morocco. Each of these locations has something special to offer and if you enjoy discovering distinct cultures, cuisines, and traditions, these are the destinations you should consider. Shop to you drop at the markets of Morocco, and imbibe the stunning scenery of Thailand. India has assorted landmarks to visit, including the Taj Mahal, Ganges and the Red Fort, and the Grand Palace in Thailand is a sight you will never forget.

May to July

For those that want to get out there and explore the landscapes, Peru is the perfect destination. Witness the beauty of the local wildlife and walk among some of the world’s most astounding scenery. Holidays Hub month by month guide, provides further information on Honeymoon Destinations by Month, including the most exciting places to visit while in Peru. The Dominican Republic is an excellent option for couples that enjoy water sports, zip-lining, and golf and is a popular choice for active holiday-makers.

August to October

Perhaps not one of the most popular honeymoon destinations, Turkey is actually a fantastic place for romancing couples to visit. Besides the beautiful beaches and historical landmarks, honeymooning couples can also enjoy perusing the many shops and markets in this wonderful country. If Turkey doesn’t appeal, why not consider Antigua with its coral reefs where you and your partner can snorkel and witness the beauty of the coastal sea life? Luxurious landscapes and romantic beachside accommodation awaits you in the beautiful location of Antigua.

November to December

If you are marrying during the winter months, but want to jet off to sunshine during your honeymoon, Australia is the obvious choice. With so many exciting cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding where to visit. As it is summer in Australia during these months you will enjoy pleasant weather which means you can dine outside, take extensive walks through beautiful landscapes, and lounge on golden beaches if you so wish. Australians are known for their friendly demeanour and honeymooners will enjoy being pampered at first-class hotels.

As you can see, whatever time of year you plan to honeymoon, you have an exceptional selection of destinations to choose from. Whether you select a vacation by the sea, participating in a myriad of water sports, or you want a cultural break teeming with historic landmarks, enjoy discovering all the exciting things each location has to offer and look forward to your first trip away as a married couple.

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