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How Fire Curtains Work

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In most cases, it’s not necessary for people to give much thought to fire safety or to know a lot about specialised fire safety equipment. A fire safety officer at your place of employment will require you to know quite a bit about fire safety whether you’re in charge of a corporation or a rental property. Some businesses need fire curtains, and we recently posted a blog post outlining why. Many of our blog entries include advice and information on fire safety and our variety of fire curtains, smoke screens and shutters. Fire curtains will be the topic of today’s blog post as we go over how they work. Please contact us or see our page on automatic fire curtains for additional information about fire curtains in general.

Disclaimer: There are numerous kinds of fire curtains.

After going over the specifics of our fire curtains, it’s vital to know that we install them all ourselves and our professionals may customise your curtain installation to match your demands. In other words, if you require something different from what is described below, please contact us so we can see what we can do. Depending on your requirements, we can, for example, provide fire curtains that are (theoretically) infinite in breadth. Speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants and describe your needs in detail.

What Is the Process of Using Fire Curtains?

Fire curtains are essentially fireproof drapes that prevent a fire from spreading after they have been drawn. They are made of materials that are exceptionally fire-resistant and can withstand a fire for up to two hours. It can offer people more time to escape if the spread of the fire is slowed, and it can stall the fire long enough for the fire department to arrive and start putting out the flames.

There are automatic fire curtains in our building.

K&D Systems’ fire curtains are automatic, which means they fold out of the way when not in use. Once your fire alarm system detects enough smoke or heat, the fire curtains are activated. As for how quickly your fire curtains drop to the floor, it is entirely your choice. They may either drop instantly to the floor, or they can drop halfway and wait for someone to walk under them before lowering all the way to the floor. Businesses may place automatic fire curtains and smoke curtains wherever they see fit without having concerned about them getting in the way or becoming an eyesore. When a fire occurs, the installation is undetectable, yet it has the potential to save lives and save severe financial damage.

Where Should Fire Curtains Be Installed?

Obviously, where you put your fire curtains counts a lot. Fitted incorrectly, they’ll be a waste of money; installed correctly, they’ll save lives and prevent thousands of pounds in damages from occurring.

To limit the spread of a fire, one technique is to place fire curtains around the source of the fire. There is a risk of fire in printing rooms in offices because of the large amount of paper and the printers, scanners, and other devices that produce heat and electricity and can act as ignition sources in the event of a fire. Fire curtains installed outside the printing room are an excellent approach to keep a fire in a small, contained area. Think of it as making a calculated wager on the most likely spot in your building to catch fire while still safeguarding the rest of your property.

Installing a fire curtain to protect areas with high concentrations of employees or valuable company goods is an additional option. Fire curtains can be installed in the main office area of an open-plan office to safeguard the employees. A fire curtain installed around (or around) the most expensive products in a warehouse can reduce the financial consequences of a workplace fire greatly.

Installing Fire Curtains Has Many Advantages.

In this blog post, we’ve talked about the advantages of putting fire curtains. However, it’s time to dig a little further. In the first place, it’s been shown that fire curtains save lives Our fire curtains can hold back even the most severe fires, giving everyone (including guests and workers) plenty of time to get out safely. A fire curtain’s additional benefit is that it keeps out most of the smoke, which helps to keep people safe.

Additionally, fire curtains can help protect your company’s most precious assets by confining the spread of the fire to a smaller area. If your company has high-value assets like equipment or inventory, this is very important to know. However, even if your insurance covers all of the losses caused by a fire, some items — such as computer files and other valuables not saved to the cloud — may be lost forever.

It’s also possible that installing a fire curtain helps put out a blaze by depriving it of air and fuel until aid comes. Fire requires a lot of oxygen and fuel to burn, so if it’s trapped behind a fire curtain and there aren’t any more furniture or other items to set ablaze, it may go out soon. Obviously, the type of building, type of flooring, and amount of furniture will all factor into this. Even if the fire doesn’t go out on its own, putting it out for two hours using a fire curtain gives the fire department plenty of time to arrive and put it out.

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