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How it’s not just the GPS for car device which has transformed industries

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When the term “GPS” is branded around, it would be fair to say that most people associate it with a GPS for car device. This is completely understandable; after all, this is the type of device that installed in most of our vehicles nowadays.

However, beneath the bonnet (pardon the pun) are a wealth of other industries who are well and truly benefiting from GPS devices. To highlight the point in-detail, this article will now explore some of the most common uses for GPS devices and explain how they are benefiting so many different industries.

The pet industry

Let’s start with one industry which tends to raise the most eyebrows.Considering the fact that GPS tracking devices are regarded as highly technical , a lot of people just can’t get their heads around dogs and other pets wearing them so that their owners can keep track of them.

While this is the most common use in the pet industry, it doesn’t stop there. GPS has also been tapped into so that owners can geo fence a yard. In other words, they can set a perimeter which their pets are not allowed to breach. Usually, if they do so, they will be met with a mild shock. These devices are seen as incredible inventions for those owners who can’t, or don’t want, to erect physical fences around their property. Or, for those owners who might travel frequently with their pet and obviously can’t install any sort of temporary barrier.

Usage in law enforcement

On the flip side, we have GPS devices which are commonly used in law enforcement. This is something that is much more common, and well-known, probably because it has been covered in the movies so much.

Law enforcement officials will tend to attach a GPS device on the vehicle of a suspect, allowing them to be trailed much more easily. The beauty for this, in the eyes of law enforcement officials, is that they don’t have to notify the suspect that they are attaching the device. Of course, they run the risk of the tracking device being found, but many believe that it’s a very efficient way of tracking criminals.

Guarding against theft

This next point follows a very similar one to what we touched upon about pets. Just as some pet owners will geo fence their yard in a bid to prevent their pet from escaping the area, some businesses will do the same in relation to highly valuable items in their premises.

Again, a geo fence area is “drawn”, and as soon as any prescribed item leaves this area an alarm is activated. These alarms can of course contact a main hub, the business owner or even the police depending on the situation.

As well as detecting when the item leaves the area in question, the system is also able to track it so that retrieving it is very easy for the authorities as well.

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