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How to buy affordable Health Insurance with right cover

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Looking at the spiralingmedical costs, it has become imperative for everyone to buy a health insurance policy. It becomes really tough for a person to bear the expense of huge hospital bills when a medical crisis crops up for the individual or for someone in the family. But at the same time, it is equally daunting for him to buy health insurance at a high premium to cover himself and his family. Hence, what he needs is an affordable health insurance policy with an adequate cover.

Insurance companies realize the plight of the common man and hence provide health insurance policy options at affordable prices. The companies also make sure that the low premium for a health insurance does not mean a compromise on the coverage, and that it is sufficient enough.

How to buy affordable health insurance with the right cover

In India, the middle-class section forms substantial strata of the society. They are always inclined towards reducing theirmonthly living cost to sustain in this costly time. We all aspire to pay the least premium and yet get sufficient cover.  Realizing this need in the market, insurance providers have come out with various plans.

It is a quite tricky and time-taking process to find a low-cost health insurance that also provides the right cover. Here, we will give you insights of how to buy affordable health insurance with sufficient coverage.

Look around

It is tough to find reliable and authentic information about different health insurance plans and their coverage until you put in some effort and research. But, this is importantif you don’t want to end up buying an insurance that does not meet your need. You can buy ahealth insurance policy at cheap rates, but you really need to make sure that the coverage they provide is appropriate.

Doing proper research and comparing plans from the will ensure that you do not end up opting for a limited coverage with absence of other important benefits by the insurer.

Buy directly from the company

Though an insurance agent is a good option if you need expert help to understand and make the right decisions about your health insurance, but it may cost you extra money. Buying directly from the company will ensure no middlemen are involved, and hence no cut of commission or no brokerage. The insurance companies provide customers the option to buy health insurance online now. After a proper understanding of terms and condition, you can initiate the process of buying.

Go online

Researching on thewebsites of different insurance providers is probably the perfect idea of cracking the best deal. By going online, you will be able to directly compare the different plans along with thecoverage details, which will help you make a better choice.

Moreover, finding health insurance online is more convenient as you need not step out of your home to meet the insurance company or agent.Just ensure to read all the terms and conditions before buying a plan.

Consider short term plans

Short-term policies can be the best for you. In this type of health insurancepolicy, the healthy applicants can get an immediate coverage for both the individual and the family. Immediate means that the plans can start working the very next day. If you are aware of the days count you need the coverage for, the insurance provider will ask for a single consolidated payment for the entire coverage period.

Short term plans are beneficial because:

  • These plans usually have low and affordablepremiums, as compared to the other health insurance plans.
  • It will provide you protection that can allow you to fill the coverage gap.
  • With other plans, you may need some time to get approval, but with the short term plan you get an instant or the on-spot approval
  • You can enjoy flexi-term with this plan as it covers you from one month to 3 months.

But, you need to be cautious with the short-term plans. Finalize only after checking its coverage.

Choose family health insurance

Instead of buying separate health insurance for the different members of the family, prefer buyingfamily health plans. Buying a family floater plan lets you savea huge amount of money. If you are a family of four having twoadults and two children, the cost of premium of four individual health insurance plans will be way higher than the premium cost of all the four members covered under one single family health plan.

Other than the financial benefit, there are other benefits of family floater too, like it is more convenient to manage one plan rather than four;

  • It comes with attractive features like maternity cover and new born baby cover
  • It also provides tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, and
  • In a family plan you can keep adding other members any time you wish

So, do your research, and consider short term plans of family floater policies to ensure you get optimum coverage within your budget.

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