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Introducing arts and crafts with kids

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There was a time when kids had so many options when it came to playtime. Inventing games of their own, board games, cards, outdoor sports like football, cricket etc. filled their spare time. Right now, however, video games and mobile phones seem to be occupying all their entertainment space. While this is hindering their creativity and thinking process, too much of use of computers and mobiles also cause eye problems with time. Below are five DIY crafts you can introduce to your kids to help kindle their creative spirit.


Origami is a paper folding technique that originated from Japan. There are thousands of characters you can make with just a few sheets of paper at home. One of the most famous origami models is the paper crane. You can find a lot of DIY blogs and videos that teach the art of making origami. Your kids will surely fall in love with this easy, yet beautiful craft form.

Jewelry Making

This is a great past time that can keep your children hooked on for years together. Jewelry making is especially popular with little girls. All you need is small beads and jewelry findings that you can get in all craft stores. Your girls can make neckpieces, earrings, bracelets etc. in all colors and sizes and wear them for parties and events with pride.

Finger painting

If your kid is very young, then finger painting is a great way to keep him/her engaged and excited. Cover up the worktable with paper or protective plastic sheets. Get together few nontoxic paints, a sheet of paper and your child can have hours of happiness trying to paint with fingers. Though this is a little messy in the beginning, this will encourage your child to fall in love with drawing and painting in the future.

Clothespin crafts

Every home will have definitely have clothespins in plenty. Did you know that you could make so many clothespin craft forms with these without spending a penny? You can get some ideas from diyexperience.com and sit with your child to try these out. Starting from tablemats to mirrors, picture frames, and table organizers, the choices are plenty to try out.

Paper quilling

Paper quilling is a very popular craft form that is easy to try out and is very addictive too. This involves rolling up thin strips of paper using a quilling tool and making different shapes with it. You can make greeting cards, jewelry, wall hangings and other gift options with paper quilling. What is even amazing is that this requires very less material to start with. With colorful paper strips and a simple rolling tool, this is a must try out craft form on rainy afternoons and during school vacations.

Encourage your children to start getting their hands messy and to think creatively. A lot of research shows that creativity helps reduce stress levels and improves concentration. Arts and crafts are the best gifts you can give your children.

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