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Launching some exciting new technology

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Making the best of your investment

The discovery, development and refinement of an exciting new technology could take many years before that product could be successfully launched. Even though most entrepreneurs will say that the most important work has now been done, this may not be the case because in order to launch such a technology successful will require a whole lot of very careful planning in order to make the very best of that technology and in order to introduce it into the market as favorably as possible. Besides the way in which products is launched has changed significantly over the last couple of years. Not so long ago all that was needed was a PR agency which was expected to prepare a press release and to arrange a tour for the members of the press. Then just before the launch date of that product you would get on the road and you would meet with as many reporters from large media outlets as possible. Most of the hard work will be done before the launch of the product and all that remains to be done on launch day is to set back and watch the articles as they appear in the major newspapers. Many of the reporters will investigate your new technology extensively and they will speak with other role players in the industry to get their opinions, which could boost your product launch tremendously.

We live in different times

The industrial scene and the way in which the new technologies is exhibited to the world has changed completely over the last couple of years. Everything happens so much faster in these modern times in which we live. Most large media outlets has become centralized and therefore the outlets which could be used by people who desire to launch a product has been reduced significantly. This can leave the launcher of a product with a lot less exposure in small publications and maybe a couple of specialist bloggers. It may still be possible to get published but it has become significantly more difficult to reach the general public through that medium. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life whatever it is published is very soon forgotten because there is so much other newsworthy incidents which has to be reported and this could significantly reduce the newsworthiness of your product launch. This calls for entirely new strategy and more modern tactics in order to ensure that your exciting new technological product will attract enough attention.

Begin the planning of your launch as early as possible

You simply cannot rely on modern reporters to write about your new development at the time when that attention is most needed. This will require you to do some extensive planning well in advance and long before the actual launch of that product. There is a strategy which is known as a rolling launch which is known as an excellent method in which to keep interest and interaction between your project and the market as lively as possible. Most professionals when it comes to the launching of new products are suggesting that this process is initiated at least 6 to 8 weeks before the date which has been determined for your product launch. Throughout this time it is necessary to keep the media informed and to continue doing so until after the launch has taken place. You may have reached a stage where you’re investment capital has been stretched very thin and you maybe into a considerable amount of debt and in some cases professional assistance is simply unavoidable especially if you would want at least a chance to launch that product successfully.

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