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Learn about the basics about Pickleball

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Also acknowledged as a paddle sport, pickleball is designed for people of all ages and all skill levels. The rules of the game are simple and the beginners can easily learn the game. This game can be fast-paced, quick, and a competitive one for the experienced players. This is a fun game and it combines all the elements of badminton, tennis, and ping pong. It can be played indoors as well as outdoors on a tennis court or a badminton court. For playing this game, every player will require a pickleball paddle, larger in size than ping pong paddle but smaller than a tennis racquet.

Originally, the paddles were built from wood but with time, paddles have evolved in a large way and are made of the lightweight materials such as graphite and aluminum. Players require a pickleball and a net. The ball has holes in it and different models of the ball are available for indoor and outdoor games. Balls are of different colors such as green, white, and yellow. To buy the best pickleball equipment, you can go through the Pickleball Equipment Guide.

Game for everyone

Pickleball game gets introduced to kids as a part of the physical education classes in their school. Players enjoy social aspects of this game although this game is becoming quite competitive over the years. Many retired people have also opted for this sport as a part of their social activity. All these have resulted in the establishment of new courts in many states of the United States. Tennis and the ping pong players are fond of this competitive sport and they participate in the tournaments that are organized regularly at the regional and the national levels.

Appropriate apparel

To play this game, players can wear anything that is appropriate and comfortable according to the climate. They can wear sweatpants, athletic shorts, t-shirts, wicking apparel, etc. The dresses and the skirts used while playing tennis are common among females. Comfortable court shoes are mandatory for players. Running shoes or sneakers do not provide the kind of support that is required during side-to-side action in this game. Eye protection is a must. For the accessories, pickleball players should wear visors, hats, light jackets, sweatshirts for outdoor play. Appropriate apparels are compulsory for playing this game safely and comfortably. You can buy the pickleball apparels at the retail stores that are near your location.

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