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Luxury Train Travel From Reno

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RENO, NV– Attached to the morning Amtrak train to Oakland is a 1958 Pullman rail car. The owners of the car is a company called Uncommon Journey that specializes in luxury train travel across North America.

“In the case of this particular route it is history,” said Christopher Kyte, chairman, Uncommon Journeys. “This is the original transcontinental railroad that Abraham Lincoln signed into law.That is wonderful history to travel on. “

Prices from Reno to the Bay Area start at $195 one way, which include some special amenities.

“Roses on the table. Open bar, wine and spirits are included,” said Kyte. “It is a form of train travel that vanished many decades ago. “

The big selling point of Uncommon Journeys is the vista dome where you can see 360 degrees around you.

And it was the view and a chance to ride a piece of history that convinced Suzie Randall to take the trip.

“You can sit on the back in the fresh air or you can be in the dome car and just relax and hang out with your family,” Randall said.





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