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Main Considerations to Think About When Selecting a Mobile Telemetry System

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Selecting the right telemetry unit for your remote site is essential. The selection process can turn out to be a little bit confusing. This is because you must settle for a telemetry unit that has the correct capacity, useful features and an excellent interface.

With an ideal telemetry system, you can experience nothing short of immediate data visibility. It also helps you identify gaps, which exist in your security system. The following are some effective guidelines you can use to select the best telemetry system:

Conduct an extensive site survey

Primarily, you should conduct a comprehensive survey of the existing system. Ensure you do a thorough survey of the system (s) you have installed. Additionally, check all the physical sites you intend to monitor. As you conduct your survey, take inventory of your current monitoring systems. Because you have plans of installing a brand new system does not necessarily mean that your older equipment are redundant.

With that in mind, shop extensively for a mobile telemetry unit which you can plug inside your current system. It should also work with all the existing equipment you have. With all these steps, you can surely settle for the best of the best mobile telemetry system.

Identify your long-term goals

When searching for the best telemetry unit, you should always work with both your future goals and immediate end goal. A telemetry unit should bring with it features that support all your future monitoring plans. Anything contrary to this will prove inadequate to you. Moreover, you will have to spend much more money handling extra upgrades. Nonetheless, refrain from falling into the temptation of purchasing monitoring systems that have more capacities compared to your present needs.

Consider the following to help you settle for telemetry security monitoring units that will effectively address all your goals:

  • How many alarm points will your system need to monitor in the near future (between two to five years and five to ten years)?
  • Which system features adequately cover your needs?
  • Which method of data protocols and transport will your telemetry unit use?
  • How do you plan to store your telemetry units?
  • Which alarm termination types do you intend to use?
  • Which methods for getting alarm notifications do you plan to employ?

Undoubtedly, it is highly cost efficient to seek the services of Mobile Telemetry LLC. This is because you will get great help in rolling out your system by increasing it in a much more controlled manner compared to rushing into employing a system with too many capabilities concurrently.

Fundamental features

The system you opt for must have the following essential features:

  • Alarm notifications – Your system must be able to send you notifications through page messages, email, or SMS. Additionally, these notifications must always have excellent detailing to allow both field and office based personnel to make sound decisions real time.
  • Web support
  • Alarm analytics function
  • Support for both remote control and analogue monitoring relays

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