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What Makes Promotional Products So Effective For Marketing?

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Don’t we all love promotional products? Surveys reveal that over 90% of people prefer to keep an use a branded product they find relevant and useful in their daily lifestyles. Not only do these promotional products  allow you to capitalize on a customer’s affection for the brand, but it also tends to increase your brand recognition considerably. 

Are you wondering what makes these promotional products so fruitful for marketing?

They are perceived as a Gift

Haven’t we all received so many paper flyers and postcards that we discard without even giving a look to the message? The purpose, evidently isn’t served! Promotional products however are not discarded without using them. The recipient is likely to use the product atleast for a while before getting rid of it. 

Extended Exposure

Isn’t is obvious that if one person uses a product with your brand name or logo, it is likely to be noticed by many more. A water bottle, a reusable tote, an umbrella are certain gifts that the person would carry on them to places and be noticed for it. Every time the logo is spotted, your brand recognition increases. 

Low Cost

Well, surprise! In most cases promotional products cost lesser than print or media advertising and end up as a greater return on the investment. Most brands use sample sized products that cost less for product promotion. Moreover, you can cover a trade show or a crowded area at a time to get noticed and reach out to more people without having to spend a fortune on advertising. 

Award Employees 

Logo T-shirts, bags or any other products that increase brand recognition offered as token of appreciation to best performing employees increase visibility of your brand while also boosting the morale to perform better continuously. 

Say Thanks in a Memorable Way

A follow-up is good business sense and  you don’t mind being well mannered! The thank you emails are never the best idea as the client deleted without reading. Use memorable products as gifts  instead.  

How to choose the right promotional pieces for your audience?

The question then is that what product will best suit your audiences  as well as provide brand recognition to the brand. 


The promotional product should be relevant to the target buyer. A school sports team for instance will love water bottle, bags or t-shirts while bottle openers for them would be rather useless. 


The product should be useful  to your target client for them to keep it. Moreover, if the product is used, it will increase your brand recognition as more people are likely to observe the recipients using products with your brand logo. Moreover, many people also use the products as gifts for dear ones. 


It is in the brand’s best interest to use promotional products that are sample sized and portable? Why? They are not bulky and the recipient won’t mind carrying it! The product should be small to not take up a lot of luggage space and should not be fragile to get broken on travelling. 

We, at Raveon.com.au can sort most of your apprehensions with promotional products with best quality products to fit every budget. 


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