Marathi to be made the official language of Maharashtra

Marathi to be made Maharashtra's official language


The education department has decided to incorporate Marathi language in the curriculum of schools affiliated to CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and CIE boards. But as said by Vinod Tawde the education minister, Marathi will not be made compulsory.

The state has decided to make amendments in the Maharashtra Official Languages Act, 1964. The amendments will be done to declare Marathi as the official language of the state.

“Every person living in Maharashtra must know Marathi whether he comes here for work, to do business or study. Also, every student must know the language, whether in CBSE or ICSE,” said Tawde. Only in the SSC board will Marathi language be compulsory.

“We do not want a politically-influenced decision in education. The government will take advice from educationalists on how to incorporate Marathi in the curriculum; whether it should be a 100-mark or 50-mark paper or taught without conducting an exam,” he said. He clarified that Marathi will not be made compulsory.

Tawde pointed out that the Maharashtra Official Languages Act, 1964 does not mention very clearly that Marathi is the state’s official language. He said, “We will amend it and it will be clearly mentioned in the Act. Also, the state will try to increase the use of Marathi in government business and lower courts in rural areas.”

Tawde also holds the cultural department portfolio. He said, “The state will introduce the Bill in the session before amending the Act.”

He said that the pattern of the SSC board syllabus will also be changed. He said, “Instead of rote learning, SSC students should learn how to apply their mind. So, 50 percent of the syllabus should be activity oriented so that many students do not score beyond 90 percent.




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