Massive cleanup overnight, but more congestion expected





Transport Agency Acting Wellington Highways Manager Neil Walker says that while there are encouraging signs that weather-related disruption to the roading network is easing, the suspension of train services until at least midday on Friday is likely to result in further congestion.

“The best way to steer clear of congestion is to plan around it. This means working from home, travelling outside of peak times, or commuting on foot or bike if you can.

“If people stick to their usual commute, they run the risk of getting stuck in traffic jams, because there will be more cars on the road.

“We’re urging employers to be as flexible as possible to enable Wellington to keep moving.”

The Transport Agency says crews will be working through the night on a massive cleanup effort. Mr Walker says contractors deserve a big pat on the back for their heroic efforts in almost unheard of conditions.

Crews will be working to reopen all affected highways, although there may be further work required tomorrow to restore damaged or flooded areas.





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