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Measures to Protect Your Work Truck from Sun and Heat Damage

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There are a lot of measures that you can take to make sure that you keep your work truck in perfect working condition. Driving safely and avoiding all kinds of accidents ensures that you and your truck are both safe from damage, but there is more to taking good care of your truck than just protecting it from accidental mishaps. Did you know that sun damage and heat damage affects your truck a lot as well?

Sun protection is also one of the most important measures to help keep your work truck in the best possible shape for a longer period of time.

We are going to take a look at some of the simplest tips that you can use to protect your work truck from sun damage.

The sun and heat can affect your car pretty badly. Excessive heat can also raise the temperatures within the interior, which can be a source of major discomfort for you while you are operating the vehicle.

The dashboard and the seat are not the only things you need to protect from heat damage. The engine and the car’s finish are also at risk of getting damaged by the harmful UV rays and high temperatures. Whether you live in a warmer climate throughout the course of the year or if you just need summer protection for your work truck from the sun, here are some of the best ways to be properly prepared.

Protecting the Interior of Your Work Truck

There are a few simple things you can do to protect the interior of your car from sun damage:

  • Park it in the shade. This is as basic as it gets. When your car is not under any direct sunlight, the dashboard will not dry up and start to crack from all the heat. If it is possible for you to do so, leave a crack open in the windows. It helps the air pressure and temperatures within the vehicle equalize in the warmer climates.
  • Windshield protectors are amazing. They help to keep your car cool from the inside even when it is parked in the sun, and it prevents major sun damage to the interior. They are simple to use as well. Just unfold it as you are leaving your car and place them in front of the windshield. Remove it and fold it back to store it away when you come back to the car.
  • Install seat covers. The seat covers are quite effective in protecting your seat from direct sun contact to keep them cool and prevent damage.
  • Use a conditioner for leather seats. Conditioners for leather seats can protect them from sun and heat damage. It prevents them from drying and cracking up. It also helps to apply the conditioner often to keep the leather seats cleaner.

Protecting the Exterior of Your Work Truck

There are measures you can take to protect the finish of your work truck from sun and heat damage:

  • Wax your car regularly. Having a good layer of wax in between the sun and the surface of the work truck can actually make a world of difference when it comes to protection from the ultraviolet sun rays. If you are wondering how often you should wax your car, we recommend doing it as often as you get the time, especially if you have a work truck that runs a lot.
  • Check the tire pressure regularly. Excessive heat can warm up the pavement and roads. If your tire is underinflated, that can make for a pretty dangerous combination for your truck and for you as well. It can result in blowouts if the problem is left unattended for a long time. It does not matter if you have just bought a few new tires. Even the best of them can start to lose air pressure, and that is completely normal. Check once every ten days to make sure that you keep it at optimal levels.
  • Wash and dry the car as often as you can. Damage from ultraviolet rays can fade the paint and cause it to crack from places. If you frequently wash your car and dry it by hand, it can remove dirt and dust that can cause tiny scratches on the car and lead to damage. Do this every time before you wax your car to ensure the perfect combination.
  • Spray on Bed Liner is perfect for work trucks. The one thing which you really need to take care of for your work truck is the bed. This is the part of your vehicle’s exterior that endures a significant amount of wear and tear. After all, the bed is one of the most important things about your work truck. Spray on bed liner protects the work truck’s bed from heat damage, ultraviolet rays and also from the general wear and tear. Check out the details

Protecting What’s Under Your Hood

With protective measures for both the interior and exterior addressed, it is time to look at how you should protect what’s under the hood of your work truck from sun damage:

  • Make sure your cooling system is in perfect condition. In order to protect the engine from overheating, your cooling system needs to be in the best working condition. Check everything from the belts to the anti-freeze. Get them changed on a regular basis so that any damage to these sensitive parts does not affect your engine.
  • Battery check is vital. High accessory loads are a thing with work trucks. Combined with high temperatures, it can cause battery failure much faster. Make sure you get the charging system, and the battery itself checked on a regular basis, so you know it’s working properly.

Last but not least, the air conditioning system. If your AC is not working properly, there is a chance that the refrigerant levels are not optimal. Have it checked by a professional and get it refilled on the first chance you get.

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